591: HyperCard All the Way Down, with Adam Engst


Thanks for dropping this one earlier. I usually wait to exercise on Sunday until the latest MPU drops, so this gives me an opportunity to get out earlier.

I wanted to have a little more time before WWDC, but I kind of like the earlier time too!


Anytime Sunday afternoon would be great! I always want to listen ASAP and generally use MPU as my “cleaning up around the office/house” podcast, so the earlier I can get to work on that, the better! :smiley:


Funny how Adam mentioned he can never remember how to split screen (I can relate to this. I never remember) and now they made it easier.


Adam Engst is my hero. I don’t have a clue how actual work, other than writing, gets done on an iPad, either. Anything more complicated than using a single app is best left to a Mac. :grin:

Just listening to the section where Adam talks about borders on screenshot images.
Adam, is there any reason why you don’t just let WordPress automatically place rounded corner borders on those images? Your WordPress guy should be able to writ up a quick CSS rule that would solve this. And since you are cleaning up the code in BBEdit you could use that step to add a class that would specifically target screenshots.
Just a thought.

I was really shocked (in a good way) to hear Adam mention my name on the episode (at 1:21:56), in reference to getting developer help at WWDC labs. The full story is even better. I had two difficult AppKit problems I was making no progress on. Went to the AppKit lab, two different engineers told me “you really need to talk to (name redacted), but he won’t be here until tomorrow at 2 pm because he is teaching session”. Since I couldn’t get help at the moment, I decided to go to a session – and (name redacted) was teaching the session! I briefly introduced myself at the end of the session, which turned out to be a good thing, because the next day at 2PM a lab assistant tried to hijack (name redacted) the minute he walked up. But he was told “no - Jim is first!”. Which was a very good thing because he spent all but ten minutes of his entire 2 hour time slot on me. A few minutes in he decided to pull his laptop out of his backpack – the laptop had the complete AppKit source code on it! It took 1 hour 50 minutes, but we identified 2 AppKit bugs and he came up with workarounds for both of them. I could have worked on this for another year and would never have figured either of these problems out, so I’m a BIG fan of WWDC labs. The last two years I haven’t had any big problems so I haven’t tried the remote labs, but I’ve heard good things from friends that have.

By the way you can tell that Adam is a nice guy when he is interviewed on podcasts – FYI he is even more of a nice guy in person!


LOL! I always have to look it up! It is pretty cool, for a while… Then it drives me half nuts. At least I know how to turn it off.

In the episode—I think it was this episode, anyway…—@MacSparky mentions a two-week view in Fantastical.

Is that just the dropdown that allows you to choose 14 days on the weekly view instead of 7? Or is there some setting I can’t find that displays both weeks in a different fashion?

I ask because it would actually be kinda cool to see a two-week view with one week on top of the other. I could even imagine scrolling between weeks this way.

I am pretty sure that is what he meant.

You could always change “Month View” to only show 2 weeks at a time:

The problem is that I want a week view… and a month view… and a 2-week view… so really, Flexibits needs to add another view option which is just “Custom” and let people set it to display whatever they want, without replacing the Month or Week view.

(I sent that as a suggestion to Flexibits. If you’d like to see it too, maybe do the same?)

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Thanks! I tried the two-week month view, but it doesn’t provide the nice visual of how events are laid out per-hour that the weekly view does. So, yes, I’ll send in a request too!

@ryanjamurphy You should send a note to Flexibits. They’re always looking to improve.

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I realized today that, for some reason, I had not finished this episode, so I did so.

I had to laugh when Adam talked about several of his Hazel rules, which are the same as Hazel rules I have:

.jpeg → .jpg
.PNG → .png

I also have one that converts HEIC images (usually AirDrop-ped from iPhone to Mac) to JPG (well, .jpg, obviously) and throws the HEIC away.


I totally related when he said something along the lines of “I want to be the person adjusting the windmill with a custom app on the ipad.”

I too want to be that person. It still seems like the future of computing in a lot of ways, but just isn’t that for me.