Hazel to convert HEIC to JPG

Following up on 591: HyperCard All the Way Down, with Adam Engst - Episodes - MPU Talk and The Rebound 346: It Has Been a While, I posted a GitHub repo and instructions for using Hazel to convert HEIC to JPG (well, .jpg obviously).

This is usually used for dealing with photos that are sent to my Mac via AirDrop from my iPhone.

Nothing too complicated, but I thought it might help some folks who have been annoyed by this but haven’t actually done anything about it.


Sorry, I can’t see a link, or maybe it’s posted on your repo but I must have missed the URL :sweat_smile:
Would love to have that instead of using a Retrobatch droplet for this task. Thanks for all your contributions!

TJ tweeted the link last night, and luckily I still have the tab open.


Great, thanks a lot! :+1:


Thanks @drdrang. That’s what I get for staying up too late in my advancing age. I forget to do things like post the link to the bloody thing that I’m talking about.



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Although I look at all the glop around the basic commands and wonder how anyone ever manages to write scripts in bash/zsh. Actually, I don’t wonder because I’ve done a few. Yeuch!