621: Sparky Freedom


THIS IS A BIG ONE, FOLKS! Super excited for David and his new chapter:


Let me just say I’m excited for you. I can distinctly relate as I am an attorney also. An attorney who shuttered the doors after 30 yrs of practice to become involved in charitable work. The nerve damage all occurred in making the decision, not the aftermath. What would my clients, friends and family think? My identity had always been wrapped up in being a legal professional. In other words, David, I went through the same process you’ve just completed.
Let me tell you the freedom is well worth it. No more waking up in the middle of the night wondering if you’ve made a mistake. No more frustrating clients. No more CLE. No more…well, lawyering. At one point, I’d worked 11 years without 5 days off in a row. Just crazy really. But the exit wasn’t like I was fleeing from a burning building. I remain thankful for a job that provided for my family, allowed me to put my daughter through college and save a nice sum along the way. I’ve been fortunate, really.
But somewhere along the way, like you, I knew my life as a lawyer was coming to an end. And as you know, closing a practice doesn’t happen overnight. The NC Bar has guidelines for closing a practice. Winding down took time. But in the end, it was the right decision. I want to assure you that what’s in front of you will be fun, rewarding, much more relaxing. As the weight of the practice slides off your shoulders you’ll have a new sense of excitement. I’m sure you’re feeling this now! I hope you don’t feel like you “closed” the practice as much as you finished the race. It’s time for something new. Good luck, friend.


Wow. That is a big move for David. Best of luck for him!

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Congrats to @MacSparky. A big step but no doubt a rewarding one. Life’s too short not doing what you love most! #addingmoneytomyfieldguidesavingspot


Congratulations @MacSparky !

I enjoyed reading your reasoning and backstory.

Not that you were half-assing, but this came to mind.



Congrats @MacSparky!

Congratulations!!! For you and your family, much joy.
Selfish thought: more Disney videos

Haven’t listened to the episode yet (spoilers people! :wink: ), but congrats @MacSparky. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

I read the announcement and immediately subscribed. Bravo David- can’t wait to see what great things you have in store

Congratulations @MacSparky. Subscribed and looking forward to all the new content. MacSparky content has always been great, can’t wait to see the future with 100% commitment to it now.

Congratulations @MacSparky! I’m thrilled for you and terrifically excited about the new Labs project. You are an inspiration, and I’ll be subscribing happily!

This is terrific – signing up for Backstage was a no-brainer. Looking forward to great things @MacSparky ! I hope one of the arrivals in 2022 will be an Obsidian FG.

I love it when someone walks out of the workhouse and into a new life. I’ve done this several times. The “walking out” bit is the scariest, and what happens next is a joy.


Congrats MacSparky. These thoughts have been mulling around my head as well. I was excited to see go independent as a lawyer, and wish you the best in this next phase.

Congrats @MacSparky! I’ve always marveled at how David accomplishes as much as he does in both the tech world and his legal practice, and am really excited to see him take this next step in his personal and professional evolution.

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Listening to this episode has made my year!

I am excited for you and will ride with you on this adventure; I signed up for early access right away.

Thank you for your creativity and professionalism. Your contributions are helpful, thoughtful and thought provoking. And the best part? There’s more to come.

Brad Gibson, ACC, P. Eng.
Coach and Engineer

Congratulations, @MacSparky! I wish you every success, but also, joy.

An aside: Emotional investment is real investment. Emotional labor is real labor. Both have real rewards; both can take a real toll. It’s never wrong to include them when you’re “doing the math” on what can, and should, come next: they should be right at the top of the list, but it’s all too easy to discount them.


Good Luck on your new job :grinning:


Congrats, David, and best wishes for the future!

Brilliant news @MacSparky. Brave decision :ok_hand: