639: Software Club: Greg Pierce and Drafts

I think out of the last 5 I’ve only listened to 1 in its entirety.
Not costing me anything lately :slight_smile:

Is it just me. I feel 80% of the podcast was a repeat of content from last time Greg was on. Except for his new Mac M1’s :slight_smile:

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I’d love to “meet” the developer(s) of:

  • Keyboard Maestro
  • Scrivener
  • 1password
  • Agenda
  • Alfred
  • Ergonis Software


  • Michael Tsai
  • The people behind Orion Browser and Kagi Search
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I too like the format. In terms of who to invite in future episodes, why not invite the makers of whatever software we’re discussing in the online “Software Club”? It would be interesting to hear their feedback about our feedback


Yes, +1 for MT.

This would be fantastic!


I purchased Drafts Pro a while ago but have not intended to renew. Those of you who subscribe to the Pro version, other than the worthy goal of supporting the developer, why do you subscribe to Drafts? What benefit do you derive from the Pro version that you find helpful?

If you are more into Automation you would want Pro.

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Given this thread that I started here – definitely looking forward to being able to listen to this episode, hopefully over the next few days!

DEVONthink 3 and Keyboard Maestro… obviously I might add! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I really like the app. The developer was really helpful to me, got back a few times when I couldn’t get it to show in Finder, which is essential for me as I use Houdah Spot. I couldn’t get it to work and I gave up on it, sadly maybe. I am not sure I need it though now, like you I guess? So really I would like to support this amazing app. but really don’t. I have a couple like that that I am not really sure I need but think are great. Trickster for example.

I am sure that I’m under utilizing Drafts. My main usage is composing sensitive emails to ensure I don’t send them prematurely and get myself in trouble! :grinning:


This is my approach to important emails as well. It’s a great “scratchpad” to flesh out sensitive emails.

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Of course, I never have sensitive emails to deal with. I only deal with people’s children, money, religion, and then throw in a little politics and covid. What could possibly go wrong?! :joy:


I really like the Workspace. I have one for each of my major projects and I put them on the widgets so I can jump straight into the Workspace. Each Workspace can be themed accordingly.

Another thing I really like is Bookmark. This is used when I export drafts into Obsidian. I have one bookmark for each projects directory inside Obsidian.

  1. Peter Lewis (Keyboard Maestro)
  2. Brendan Duddridge (Tap Forms)

Funfact: I used to have an app called “Quick Drafts” which I suppose was a rip off of Drafts. It did the same thing with the immediate writing space and sharing possibilities. I really liked Quick Drafts but someday it didn’t work anymore. I found out that there is this other similar app, which back then seemed to me like the rip off of “my” Quick Drafts app. I downloaded it reluctantly and only gradually found out how great it is. It is one of my favorite and most important apps by now.
(This post was composed in Drafts)


I could never get Drafts to show on Finder and hence Houdah Spot. There is a check box in its preferences. I asked the developer, he was so helpful but nothing worked. I stopped using it as I said in another comment here. I though it worth asking you or @Bmosbacker @karlnyhus @cornchip or one of the other real experts here. Any ideas? Like I said I tried most of the ‘usual’. Checkboxes, permissions re install and more. I am sure there is some user error on my part: can’t say why though.
I was left with a very positive view of the developer and the app though I couldn’t use it, that happens nowadays.

Sorry, I’ve never used Drafts. I like, use, and rely on HoudahSpot occasionally to find things that I’ve lost.

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I haven’t used Houdah Spot (one day…), but Drafts notes are all stored in iCloud, and to search iCloud in other apps I’ve used (like Alfred), you need to make sure all of ~/Library/Mobile Documents is in your scope, you need to make sure iCloud isn’t optimizing storage at all on your Mac, and you may need to rebuild your SpotLight indexes if you can’t find the Drafts note in Spotlight. Possibly other steps, too.

Here’s the Houdah developer saying essentially the same thing:

P.S. even after you have it working, it may break in future macOS releases, unfortunately.

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Given they’ve just bumped all the cloud bucket synching (DropBox / OneDrive etc.) to ~/Library/Mobile Document I doubt it will be changing anytime soon.

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