639: Software Club: Greg Pierce and Drafts

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Excited about this new format. Let us know which app developers you’d like to hear!


Obsidian, Craft, Ulysses.


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Michael Tsai, Howard Oakley

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There are 25 characters here! :stuck_out_tongue:

The software club format’s a great idea. I want to hear just a little bit more from you all and from the guest, which probably means you’ve set the balance in the right place. For guests, any of the graphics editor or DAW developers you can book would especially interest me.


I’m enjoying this format very much so far (part way into the interview).

For software, pick things that at least one of you has been really into for a decent period of time; Drafts was a perfect pick.
I say this because the part-interview format will (normally, naturally) lead to the whole show being very positive about the software, so please ensure it is always about software you are genuinely passionate about.
If you have to (or feel like you should) pull your punches, then consider whether a deep dive episode would be a better fit.

I’m genuinely loving this though, and look forward to Obsidian, Logic, forScore, Paprika, Shortcuts, Dark Noise, and I guess you’ll do a bunch of productivity apps that I don’t use!
Maybe some of these would be short for a full show, though the interviews might be longer in that case.


Hasn’t the Drafts developer been on MPU like 10 times before? There are many, many more interesting developers out there (and no, I don’t mean Brett Terpstra…). What about the people behind Pixelmator? Or Thorsten Lemke, who creates GraphicConverter since halfway the '90’s. The dev of TapForms? To name but a few. Please, broaden your horizon. Before we know it, there’s another episode with that guy from the OmniGroup. :wink:


Drafts is the perfect example of bringing everything together that MPU love - automation, simplified complexity and generally getting your work done. I think it is a great first pick.


I’m wrapping up the episode now, and I REALLY like this format idea. It feels more like a focused show with a dedicated deep dive with the developer. There’s nothing wrong with the “app round up” format, but this feels more cognitively focused.

Love this new direction!

It’d be kind of amazing to get ahold of some Apple app developers with this format. Mail1, Notes, Numbers, Pages… heck, even Music would be fascinating.

Some other apps with very interesting (and opinionated) designers/developers:

  • Fantastical (and Cardhop)
  • iA Writer
  • DEVONthink
  • Tweetbot

1: You could even ask why Mail doesn’t have a share sheet :grin:


I second most of those already mentioned, but I’ll add Mindnode as I’m interested in the thinking that goes into developing tools that help us generate, develop, and manage ideas. Agenda as well.

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Good episode. Enjoyable, and I got some useful tips out of it.

The main tip is that I need to simplify my Drafts usage. I’ve built up a lot of cruft over the years, as I experimented with different workflows. I let Drafts get so complex that I’ve drifted away from it—over the past few months, I’ve been using Tot as my popup text entry window on the Mac. I even thought about buying Tot on the iPhone and iPad–which would be completely unnecessary expenditures, because I already have Drafts.

So: MPU saved me money for a change! $20!

I want to look into text transformation actions. Turn Drafts into a BBedit substitute, as David says.

And I like the new format!

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IThoughts guy

20 characters

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I agree with this as well, especially as there are plenty that fit into this category.

Overall, I like the new format, and would also like to maybe see some team-developed software. E.g. maybe have a few of the developers at Omni or 1Password on as a group. Granted, that makes scheduling/coordinating probably 10X harder, but lets the format branch out a bit more long term.

MPU usually costs me $20+! :wink:


MPU is by far my most expensive podcast!


I think out of the last 5 I’ve only listened to 1 in its entirety.
Not costing me anything lately :slight_smile:

Is it just me. I feel 80% of the podcast was a repeat of content from last time Greg was on. Except for his new Mac M1’s :slight_smile:

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I’d love to “meet” the developer(s) of:

  • Keyboard Maestro
  • Scrivener
  • 1password
  • Agenda
  • Alfred
  • Ergonis Software


  • Michael Tsai
  • The people behind Orion Browser and Kagi Search
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