64-bit Fujitsu ScanSnap app finally out

Agreed. I have two brother printers, one at home and one at the office, and I have been extremely satisfied with both in terms of performance and value.

I hate to switch from the Fujitsu, since they do perform very well (and I use the WiFi scanning at home which is very convenient), but if I have to replace it, there is no reason not to explore alternatives especially since I have yet to run into an obsoleted Brother printer, and my printers are quite old at this point.

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I second that. But to be honest, I don’t think they will ever do that. Sorry to be a bit critical, but I have a feeling Katie and David are reading this forum “very selectively’”. Despite all their disclaimers and “full disclosures” I don’t think MPU is objective when it comes to discussing stuff from their sponsors. Even if the company is not sponsoring the particular episode.

As for Fujitsu, I don’t understand why they can’t support a premium device that’s only a few years old and should have a much longer lifetime. A scanner is not a disposable, especially not the Fujitsu ones ($$$).

I agree with those above who deplore Fujitsu’s policy of “obsoleting” perfectly good scanners.

The problem is even worse, however. The new 64-bit software comes with restrictions that substantially limit the traditional concept of ownership of property. The new software apparently is licensed to only one computer and cannot be shared among computers. There will be limitations (that I don’t fully understand) regarding transferring ownership of the scanner to others, since the proprietary software is required to operate the scanner. This is discussed in more detail in another MPU discussion thread (link previously posted in Christian’s post above):

The “old” software for my ScanSnap, the S1500M, is no longer available on Fujitsu’s website. This is tantamount to burning the bridges on the path to certain obsolesce of this and other scanner models that are otherwise perfectly functional. The withdrawal of the legacy software is simply spiteful. Fortunately, I have saved .dmg files of the “old” software so that I can continue to use my scanner for those Mac computers that operate under current or prior versions of macOS the support 32-bit software.

I am not likely be a purchaser of Fujitsu products again, and I urge David and Katie to reconsider recommending them.


I saw links to “old” Scansnap Manager Mac software for S1500M here http://www.fujitsu.com/global/support/products/computing/peripheral/scanners/scansnap/software/mac-mg32.html

But I am using newer Scansnap Manager software (6.3.70) for my unsupported S1300 without any issues. I also use this software for my newer ix100.

Pretty disappointed as well that Fujitsu has decided not to provide 64-bit Mac software for my S1300, and hoping that the new Scansnap Home software will still work when I eventually need to use it. Not loving hearing the ads for Fujitsu on MPU.

@UnderTheLionRock - I also use version 6.3.70 on my ScanSnap S1500M. To obtain the link I had to trick the Fujitsu download procedure and designate a different model number, either the iX500 or the S1300i, if I recall correctly.

The link you provided above goes to version 3.2L91, Fujitsu’s designated software for the S1500M. I was having some kind of problem with that software version (can’t remember the specifics), so I obtained version 6.3.70 (technically designated for a different scanner model) at the suggestion of a Fujitsu support rep who initially provided me with the download link. Works fine for now, at least as long as my Mac computers operate under version of macOS that supports 32-bit software.

I sent a Feedback email about this in September, and got the following reply from David on 9/30/2018. Since then, crickets:


I’m trying to get definitive answers before I address it on the show … but working on it.


On Sep 27, 2018, at 6:04 PM, Melanie Homer <melanie.homer@me.com> wrote:

Topic for the next MPU+ show — future of the ScanSnap line of scanners

If you’ve checked the Forum in the past week or so, there is a lot of discussion on Fujitsu no longer supporting its 32-bit scanners, both the S1500M and the iX500 and lack of compatibility with maOS Mojave.

Note on Fujitsu website:

ScanSnap S1500/S1500M Compatibility Status With macOS Mojave v10.14

ScanSnap S1500/S1500M does not support macOS Mojave. There are no plans for adding support in the future since the support for ScanSnap S1500/S1500M has already ended.

So far the ScanSnaps are working after Mojave is installed, but the fear is within a year or so they will become paperweights when 32-bit apps are no longer supported by the next updated macOS. What are realistic options in the event our ScanSnaps become paperweights?


Agreed, my S1300 works fine [sort of, sometime the end of page switch does function to well.]. I called tech support, and the told me that s1300 does not work with High Sierra. Well I told him, it is working for me. His quote was “…Oh, should not …” . So I am looking for replacement of hardware and/or software. No rush.

I hope this reply shows up in the correct post.

I was able to get my ScanSnap S1100 to work with the new ScanSnap Home software by selecting S1100i as the model.

My older S1500M does not work with the new ScanSnap Home - it says it can’t find the scanner, no matter what model I select.

I have been a ScanSnap fan for some time. I am on my second 1500 and I have a portable that I used at the office/field. Now I am working from the house.

My PC died during a report,so I switched to using the MBP in the interim, and setting up my new MacMini replacement. My X1500 was moved around and installed on 3 devices.

I was surprised about the move from SnapScan Manager to the new SnapScan Home. I got the out of licenses message during the last install. I still had three devices in my possession, only using one, and was out of licenses. Of course this is during the weekend when support is closed and there is one suggestion in the FAQs which was basically re-install. Nothing on the website about how to buy an additional license. I was very close to using my replacement policy to get a new machine in.

I called tech support and the very nice tech walked me through logging off the account on the MBP which allowed me to then install the software on my new MacMini. Scanning without problems. I will probably have to use the portable scanner with the MBP and hope I don’t lose access to it.

This new software roll out was very poor. I don’t think the test team did much testing by installing new equipment on existing users. They definitely failed on the documentation process. Thank goodness for their friendly tech support staff. The last thing I needed in this $$ transition was a brink instead of a scanner.

It is to your credit that you handled this awkward situation, created by Fujitsu’s new software policies, with such aplomb. Had this happened to me, I would have been upset. Your use case, installing the software on multiple computers despite only using one scanner, is not unusual. Even though Fujitsu’s support reps came through in the end, jumping through Fujitsu’s hoops was a hassle.

In my opinion, severe software licensing restrictions should not be applied to these types of devices because they limit the utility of the scanners for which a high price has already been paid.

I can imagine three possible reasons for Fujitsu to impose the new software licensing restrictions and other limitations:
1 - Embedded software (e.g., OCR capability) might be obtained from a third party who requires some degree of licensing restriction.
2 - Fujitsu wants to deliberately disable older, but functionally similar, devices to require purchase of new devices. In other words, planned obsolescence.
3 - Fujitsu may be planning a long-term strategy to move toward a scanning-as-a-service payment model. Instead of charging a high initial price for the scanner allowing unlimited scanning by any user using any computer, the new future payment model might restrict scanning in certain ways to permit charging for more scans, or scanning on the same device by multiple users, or scanning on the device by multiple computers.

There may be other possible reasons, but that’s what I came up with. I can understand #1, but that could be accommodated by a more customer-friendly approach. Reasons #2 and #3 are unacceptable to me.

Am I missing something, or is this analysis unfair in any way?

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As far as I’m concerned this is a serious problem. If you buy the new printer that ScanSnap Home was designed for (the iX1500) you get licenses for 5 computers. And you can buy more licenses. But if you are upgrading the software for an existing scanner you only get one license and do not have a way to buy more. This is a major disaster and I expect that David Sparks might have enough clout to get something done (he’s effectively sold lots of these scanners with the potential to sell many more) if he wanted too.

I’ve had enough peripherals render themselves useless with OS changes over the years (I’ve had home computers for 39 years and used computers for over a decade more) and don’t feel manufacturers have an obligation to support their hardware beyond whatever the current OS is. I’d just be happy if they sold additional licenses. If someone is to “blame” in this case it’s really Apple for dropping 32 bit support. Is that really necessary? Microsoft hasn’t done that.

*I agree with those above who deplore Fujitsu’s policy of “obsoleting” perfectly good scanners.

The problem is even worse, however. The new 64-bit software comes with restrictions that substantially limit the traditional concept of ownership of property. The new software apparently is licensed to only one computer and cannot be shared among computers.*

Not mentioned in this thread is VueScan App. It may help some users.

This app owes it life to scanners that lose the support of their original manufacturers. I have a copy on my iMac which was purchased many years ago. VueScan claims it is compatible with 5831 scanners from 42 scanner manufacturers. It is compatible with 116 Fujitsu drivers - see



Vuescan does not does not list support for the S1300. Has anyone tried it ? Devonthink Office can also support scanning. Has anyone tried Devonthink with older Fujitsu scanners ?

It seems the S1300 is a special case. I did look at several third-party options and none supported the S1300, while they did support other Fujitsu ScanSnap models.

I can’t help but thinking that the “bricking” of older models is a deliberate policy by Fujitsu. Because with every update of MacOS (or OS X) their software stops working and needs an upgrade. It seems they’re just building a version check into their software.

Anyway, it’ no longer an issue for me, as I definitely will never buy a Fujitsu scanner anymore.

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@Brisbane - Helpful and timely post, thank you.

I took the liberty of adding your link, with due credit to you, to my post in another thread in this forum discussing the new ScanSnap Home software. Link to that thread: https://talk.macpowerusers.com/t/does-anyone-use-scansnap-home-software/8582/13

Well… Thank you all for all the valued info. When I saw the SSnap online ad, that my S1500M (my four units) would not work with Mojave, and a Fujitsu guy confirm me that have no upgrade to SSnap Home (and I dont find in the page a link to price/but) I started to search and finally find this forum. I already confirmed that my VueScan works on it, but IN FACT… I am very disappointed with Fujitsu. Mainly because its policy of “on computer, one licence, one scanner” My question for the forum is:
Which kind of scanner (other brands) similar to the S1500M could you recommend? My main use is to digitize/ocr books and documents.
Thank you very much for your help!


Running ExactScan all day long in my home and work offices with Scansnap ix500 and (I think) an S1500. Works perfectly. Same features as the Fujitsu software. After setting up (quit out of Scansnap app and stop if from launching at startup), you’re back to just pushing the scan button on the scanner.

The software is a little on the expensive side and the UI is pretty utilitarian but you can adjust almost any aspects of the scanning process and save as profiles. The company has been around for ages and is constantly upgrading. Just my 2 cents.

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Thank you very much, Steve!

Sold the S1500M for I think $150 and ordered a iX1500 for around $385 on Amazon (the price varies over the months, use some of the amazon price tracking options to send an alert). The upgrade ended up costing around $250. Given the number of years in service, $250 is very reasonable AND the new unit is waaay better (obviously total opinion).

I’m not arguing for not supporting older hardware. If the S1500M was supported I’d happily be using it till it turned to dust. Great machine I recommended any chance I got.

Just not worth the time, effort, or bother to me to work with a company that has no intention to listen. My forehead is bruised enough. Your mileage may vary.

Lastly, there’s something to be said for interpreting the circumstances in such a way as to be left empowered. Discovering and using your power to do so is available to all and pretty cool. :vulcan_salute:t3:

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