664: macOS Ventura & iPadOS 16

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Think it would be good to get the “print to pdf - ellipses workaround” in a next blog post @MacSparky
I just listened to the episode and tried it, and the cmd-p-p no longer works for me :frowning:

ignore this, already covered here:

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It’s still confusing with the switching. I’ll get something up this week.

Got my hoodie!! Yeah!

It was mentioned on the show @ismh that Backblaze still has a System Preferences/Settings item.

While this is true, this item has but one option, to launch the Backblze app. Which can also be launched just like any other app. It seems it’s just a placeholder for folks expecting to find Backblaze there.

On the latest episode David gushed about Apple Mail … and I am still left wanting. I still cannot save to PDF, the search is still limited and unreliable, I am getting multiple copies of emails in my DRAFTS folder, there is no keyboard shortcut to enter a bullet list or numbered list or indentation, etc. I need to make at least 3 taps. I was using Spark and their latest update was a step backward IMHO. Anyone else having similar issues, feelings, unmet expectations? I don’t know what the alternative is and it is frustrating as I use email more than any other app!

Building on my previous comment re: Apple Mail on iPadOS 16.1 … I noticed that the SEND LATER folder does NOT sync across devices? Really? Am I missing something? I am using Exchange. Thanks.

The new mail features are generating a few interesting discussions.

Had my first need to unsend an email and totally spaced on where the unsend button was located. Even so, I am thinking that 10 seconds might be too short a period (at least for me). Probably asking too much but it would be nice to have an option in settings to set the pause in sending to a longer period.