67: Staying Motivated with Laura McClellan



I’m new to the Focus podcast, and this was a great one to step in on. I’m looking forward to the Mastermind discussions here.


I listen to this last night - good episode; loved the flowing converations as I am already a big fan of the Productive Woman and I’m so glad she shouted out one my FAVORITE and theraputic pods - Brooke Castillo Life coach school… i highly suggest her content as we know sometimes the sins of productive lives are EMOTIONAL or deeper - she is expert an intertwining productivity themes/emotions/mindset - just check her out!

Also re: Master Minds - I live in major city but meetup.com is a great place to find a group/accountability - that’s how I found the 2 groups I am in – accountability goes a long way


Meetups are a cool place to look for people with similar interests for sure. Personally I think there’s a few important differences between mastermind groups and meetups, like being selective about who is in the group. I wrote up a post and started a topic for this here. Hopefully it inspires a few folks to start their own mastermind groups!


I’m intrigued by the Masterminds concept and really want to explore that a bit. I’m struggling now with needing some external coaches/compatriots to help me in a few key areas. The idea of getting together a Masterminds group sounds like it would work.

I’ve got to spend some time thinking how to recruit the right people for a virtual Masterminds group that I can provide value to but that can also provide value to me.