695: Live from WWDC23

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It only seems fair that we all gently support (gang up on) @MacSparky and encourage him to buy a MacStudio.

But this is the year that he said he was not going to buy a new computer. :grinning: He’s made it 158 days (as of June 7th). Let’s help him make it to the finish line (207 days left in 2023). Go, David, go. Put on your blinders… no shiny new Studio this year.

I haven’t listened to this episode yet - he’s probably already ordered the thing. :crazy_face:


So I am all there with David on the new Mac Studio for many of the same reasons. I have always been a desktop and a laptop person. Until January of the year, I had 2016 27" iMac and a 2020 M1 MacBook Pro. I was crushed last year when it seemed there was never going to be a 27" silicon iMac. So I continued on with my intel iMac until it started having into real problems in January. Sold it online and got $500 for it which I used to defray part of the cost of a Studio display. Since then I just have the MacBook Pro. I thought about a mac mini, but by the time I spec up the storage capacity and the memory, I’m at $2,900. For just a little more, I get the additional ports offered by the Mac Studio. It is clearly more computer than I need but the idea of being able to get rid of the multiple USB hubs I have mounted under my desk because of the lack of ports is really appealing. I didn’t get an M1 studio because I was afraid it was going to be a one off computer by Apple. Like David, I’ll wait to see what the reviews on the M2 studio look like and also see comments by people in the various forums. But I’m pretty sold on getting a basic M2 Studio with the bottom line chip and memory and a 4TB SSD come the fall.


I think @MacSparky should skip the computer and buy the VP instead.

If I were a betting man I’d say he chooses . . . one of everything. :wink:

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It’s his job to buy the latest tech and to keep us informed; besides, it is tax deductible. :slightly_smiling_face:


Blasphemy! Thanks, David!!! ROFL I sure needed a good laugh!

You guys = enablers.



I had to laugh at hearing the Studio has all the IO you need. I have a Studio and all the ports are full and I still have a 16-port USB hub with 8 ports filled and a Thunderbolt dock that I’m using to solely run a second monitor.

@DomBett – That’s a lot of peripherals! I’m curious which docks you’re using and if you ever run into any power-related issues (i.e. peripherals needing more power than the dock can deliver).

I too have a Mac Studio, this post details my port usage (I’ve since updated to Ventura).

TL;DR, I have a total of 24 available ports. 19 are in use.

I’ve not run into any power issues with my current set up. As noted in the linked post there were some problematic docks. Those are no longer in use.

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I have the Sabrent 16-port USB 3.0 Hub which is powered so no power problems there and the Anker 577 Docking station which is also powered which I had leftover when the MacBook Pro was my primary computer.

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