697: A Niche of a Niche

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  1. @ismh @MacSparky I’ve wanted to tell you this for ages - so here it is. niche pronunciation - Google Search :slight_smile:
  2. Does anybody know which OS’s / devices get the new ML dictation? I’m keen to make use of it later in the year but I heard that it was only iPhone 12 or newer (so not 2020 SE) - not sure about iPad / macOS though and I have newer devices for those categories. Thanks
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I wonder if raindrop would work for the person looking to replace Evernote. It’s absolutely my digital junk drawer and the paid version does full text search for sites and pdfs

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I’ve been surprised at relative lack of adoption for mailkit extensions. Maybe this change in access will expedite that?

According to “The Big Book of Beastly Mispronunciations” by Charles Harrington Elster, the preferred pronunciation of niche rhymes with ditch.

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Microsoft ONE NOTE will get this done Free and has all the features outlined…


I didn’t listen to this episode yet so I don’t know how they pronounced it. Here is what I found on a Google search:

The essential info is in the part you highlighted, but the entirety of the “Did you know” section from the Merriam-Webster entry is well worth reading:

There is a debate about how you are supposed to pronounce niche. There are two common pronunciation variants, both of which are currently considered correct: \NEESH\ (rhymes with sheesh) and \NICH\ (rhymes with pitch). \NICH\ is the more common one and the older of the two pronunciations. It is the only pronunciation given for the word in all English dictionaries until the 20th century, when \NEESH\ was first listed as a pronunciation variant in Daniel Jones’s English Pronouncing Dictionary (1917). \NEESH\ wasn’t listed as a pronunciation in our dictionaries until our 1961 Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged, and it wasn’t entered into our smaller Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary until 1993. Even then, it was marked in the Collegiate as a pronunciation that was in educated use but not considered acceptable until 2003.

All this is to say that the historical pronunciation has been \NICH, and that \NEESH\ is a relative newcomer that came about likely under influence from French pronunciation conventions.


I did not read this before I posted. I woosh I would have.*

''Woosh" is how I learnt it, growing up in my hometown in the 1950s. :crazy_face:

That’s about the time I learned the “ee” pronunciation and started picking up the contraction y’all. :grinning:

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That was a rabbit hole… In British English it is almost always pronounced neesh which makes sense as it comes from French in the 1600s and lines up with other British pronunciations of similar French loan words. Almost all Brits learn some French at school and have it drummed into us that -che words are pronounced -sh.


Agreed. I have always associated “neesh” with the British pronunciation, given the French origins — and “nitch” with American English. The latter, whilst not, just sounds wrong to my ears. Each to their own, of course.


Went back to listen again (1:25:00), and pretty sure the listener asked for something that would be accessible as a web-app since they needed to connect via iOS and Windows?

In the rest of the answer, David and Stephen focused on the iOS side of things iro DT — but if the listener is a heavy Window’s user (presumably at work?), then not sure DT would work?

Of course, I might simply have misheard/misunderstood.

I have not visited the forum for ages, but I was fuming when Evernote sent me the sub rate increase. I previously watched the Evernote CEO talk about improvements and they never addressed my main issue of not having a PDF export capability.

Years ago I discovered an Evernote replacement plus additional features that make it a winner.

I procrastinated moving over but the price increase motivated me to move.

They also have the capability to import Evernote ENEX formats albeit you have to do it one folder at a time. I had previously tried to Export/Import into Notion but that did not work but Nimbus Notes does.

The one weakness of Nimbus is its Marketing. It seems no one knows of this company. It is a small company since 2014 based in Cleveland Ohio.

I would like to suggest MPU do an episode with the founder.


Here is a comparison table
Nimbus vs Evernote


I actually looked that up after we recorded. :slight_smile:

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I used to use raindrop.io as a ‘junk drawer’ service - until I’ve recently departed from Workona and embraced the Arc lifestyle. I essentially still use it as a links gatherer, but I cluster them with tags into different project-clusters. That way I can still make sense of what’s there and even share it if a project becomes relevant to more people than just me.

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I think I heard @ismh mention that Todoist is adding defer dates later this year?? That would be huge, but I thought they had taken a hard stance against it? I tried to find something from them but don’t see anything.

I was wondering the same thing! @ismh have you got a link to Todoist’s plans?

@MacSparky Apple reportedly has fitness features for the Vision Pro we haven’t seen yet - The Verge
looks like Tai-Chi is in development!

I wonder if fitness apps are planned for the original Vision Pro or for later versions? I’ve worn face mounted equipment and it takes a while to get used to the weight because it is forward of the head’s natural balance point.

The VP’s estimated weight of “a little less than a pound” makes it about 10% lighter than an 11 inch iPad Pro.