701: The Safari Extension Roundup


Hahahaha. OMG. Just started listening to this episode and can’t stop laughing at the intro. Love the spicy cowboy energy. :rofl:


I was there and have no idea why it happened.


Put your favorite Safari extensions in the thread; I’d love to mention a bunch more on the next feedback episode!

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Now I wish that I used Safari, lol. I use Chrome
for user profiles and per-profile web proxy server settings.

I’m betting that when @MacSparky is relaxing with family and friends he swears like a Long Islander. At least one F-bomb in every sentence.

I’m from Long Island, and I have to maintain constant vigilance or that’s how I would talk.

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Safari extensions are much more confusing to install/manage than other browsers.

  • Go to App Store to download the extension
  • An app-like icon is created alongside the “real” apps. A lot of times there are two icons for the same app, but one is the extension.
  • Manage extension inside Safari preferences. This is the only part that makes sense.

For me it would be waaaaay more intuitive to handle everything directly from Safari, like other browsers.

Stopthemadness is indeed fantastic. I have it on macOS and iOS.

Another good one is Hush. It takes care of those annoying cookies notices. Free download.

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I’ll take that bet :grinning:

In general, the people I’ve known that work in or with the public, doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. tend to watch their language at home. So they don’t slip up at work.

@rebornrock All true, but once you get it figured out, it’s no big deal.

And thank you for the tip on “Hush.” I had that installed at one point, but seem to have lost it for some reason.

@WayneG You could be right. I remember a sweet essay from a former punk rock girl who swore habitually, and fell in love with and married a kindergarten teacher. She genuinely loved and admired him, and was amused to find his fake G-rated child-friendly swear words creeping into her vocabulary. “Oh, cheez whiz!”

I just used “Holy guacamole!” on another forum.


Very good episode this week, btw. I have been kvetching a bit recently so I want to pass along my thanks on this one.

  • 1Password (beta → passkeys!)
  • Noir

For me it has to be MarkDownload:

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Safari Super Agent. Once setup it will auto click through consent screens for cookies on websites. There are various options but the one I use is to only accept essential cookies. It rejects the remaining optional cookies.


A couple I’d add:

  • Shut up, for removing comments, you can whitelist the sites you want to see them on.
  • Consent-o-matic, for refusing cookies in consent forms/banners. I’ve found it to work better than the others I’ve tried.

I really wish I could use Safari but where I live I cannot book a train or access government services as both websites cause it to freeze. The main website I use for work, Blackboard LMS, is also completely broken in Safari. Additionally, I find it is really slow for Airtable and Google Sheets, which I use all day.

I’ve tried many times to switch but always end up hitting major obstacles.

I have ended up using Chrome as it’s the most compatible. Firefox and Brave do not work with Blackboard, which is the most important tool for my work.

I’ve had enough problems with Safari that I now use MS Edge as my primary browser on Mac. I suspect these problems may be a combination of Safari bugs and website developers that only test their sites with chromium browsers.

I do use Safari, with the 1Password and Goodlinks extension, for casual reading and research. I find that Reader Mode and/or Goodlinks is all I need to get rid of the distractions on most websites.

OneTab does indeed exist in Safari, not just Chrome, at least on the Mac

I’ve found myself using Firefox as an alternative to Safari for a few particular tasks because it has excellent extensions for them and Safari doesn’t.

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These are some great recommendations gang. Definitely going to be a segment in the next feedback show.

@MitchWagner I do occasionally let a swear word out, but only for effect. (At least that’s what I tell myself.) Daisy very much does not approve. I’ve known that lady for 36 years and I don’t think I’ve ever heard one swear word from her.


Here’s what I use:

  • 1Password for Safari
  • StopTheMadness (stops madness)
  • Keepa (price history charts on Amazon.com)
  • Vinegar (replaces the YouTube player)
  • Wipr

I haven’t listened to the podcast yet (I will in about 20 minutes) but I suspect that the only one of these that isn’t controversial is 1Password.

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