702: Unbridled Enthusiasm, with Chuck Joiner


Am I going mad? I thought it was only possible to connect 1 display to an M1 MacBook??!! Have I missed something??

I think he said he has an M1 Max MBP.

I listened to the podcast on my run today. Yes, 16" M1 Max MBP.

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What size displays is Chuck using?

At some point, I’m going to replace my ancient Apple Cinema Display, and I’m dithering on how many displays to get, and what size.

My 2 cents on audio: if you want high end sounds, skip computer speakers and get a DAC–>amp–>near field monitors. I had an audioengine set up - which was nice if overpriced - and now have an old marantz receiver with Elac speakers on stands. Actually cheaper and sounds far, far better.

I’m seeing some Youtubers singing the praise of the LG 16:18 display.

Can be two logical 16:9 screens stacked vertically, or fed from two different computers.

Looks interesting - at least a novel approach from the usual big screen or super wide-screen monitors otherwise being deployed.

I’m curious about the speaker stands mentioned by Chuck on this episode. It sounded like they’re mounted above the monitor and pointed down, but if there is a link to such, I’m interested to see that he’s using.

Whisper AI transcription is likely easier than you think. And it’s free.


  1. You download a few packages using python
  2. You write a single terminal command
  3. You’ve got an .srt file (or txt or whatever you need)

I would write out all the detailed instructions, but I did a video here if anyone is interested. Even better, you can run it in a Google collab environment and get faster results (another video on YT definitely worth the watch).


Only just catching up. @MacSparky

  • Evernote you’ve explored the expansion angle. Two more angles vulture capital drove the agenda. I.E chase corporate sales, not human sales. 2nd Software quality chasing so many platforms with bespoke code on each is a quality nightmare. People don’t love the electron app, but it was stable and gaining features

Having witnessed companies die I think the VC’s needed an exit and sold for pennies on the dollar

Not sure if you went back to check, but I believe he said he is using three 4K displays.

Thanks–but what size?