724: Catching up with Mikah Sargent


I think I have solved the daily textedit Automation for Mr. Sargent. Here is a bash script to trigger the automation with Keyboard Maestro’s “Time of Day” trigger.


# Get the current day of the week (e.g., Mon, Tue, etc.)
DAY_OF_WEEK=$(date +%u)

# Check if it's a weekday (Monday=1, Friday=5)
if [[ $DAY_OF_WEEK -ge 1 ]] && [[ $DAY_OF_WEEK -le 5 ]]; then
    # Format the date as YYYYMMDD
    DATE_SLUG=$(date +%Y%m%d)

    # Create the file path

    # Create an empty file with the specified name
    if [ ! -f "$FILE_PATH" ]; then
        touch "$FILE_PATH"

        # Open the file with the default text editor (TextEdit)
        open "$FILE_PATH"

The Bash script will do the following:

  1. Use the open and touch Bash commands to create and open a .TXT file.
  2. It will name it “Ram_” and add the date in this format 20231225
  3. You’ll have to modify it with your file path to where the file is saved

Cron or Another App

  1. Cron jobs have never worked for me to wake the Mac, it would wait it but only for a few seconds not enough to run anything but maybe others have better luck.
  2. I’d recommend Power Manager to wake the Mac but it does cost money.

I was considering doing the same thing, but with the Wake trigger, since he mentioned he was having trouble with a scheduled 3:00 AM macro.

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Haven’t finished this episode yet, but Mikah said he wished there was a way to put an iPad in “hibernate” mode. This idea from the MPU forum has been working pretty well for me, thought I’d make sure he knew about it.