731: “Tears Rolled Down My Light Seal”


I was hoping you guys wouldn’t like it, so that I wouldn’t want one.



My take away from the episode was that it’s too early ‘for the rest of us’. I have a demo I. Another two days and am looking forward to trying it and will probably love it but won’t be taking it home. Will have to wait for the Vision Pro SE to appear in the refurb store


So looking forward to using Vision Pro as a screen since it will free up one wall of my tiny home office. With this I could live in an 10m² apartment.

I haven’t listened to this episode yet but there is no way they were not going to like it. It is in their DNA. :slightly_smiling_face:


I do live in a small apartment. My friend says that my TV is a computer monitor. So it might be something for me, but it’s unknown when it comes to our side of the pond.

Pretty much everyone who has tried it, likes it, that doesn’t mean they think anyone should buy it.

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I’m still listening to this episode, but I agree 100% that everyone should go do the demo in the Apple store. I did mine yesterday and here are my thoughts:

  • The software experience is basically 10/10 flawless. Everything looks and works great. The UX is immediately intuitive and works great. The hype is real.
  • Zero motion sickness or other issues associated with “last gen” VR hardware.
  • The video passthrough is really good, but it’s obviously still video. There is motion blur if you turn your head even moderately fast. The colors are muted. It’s the best video passthrough I’ve ever seen, but it’s not game changing.
  • The thing is really, unfortunately heavy. Just 30 minutes with it and the solo knit band left me fairly fatigued. I had to really crank down the tightness or it did not feel secure at all and every time it shifted on my face everything went out of focus. With it so tight I wound up with massive red marks on my face. I would love to try it with the dual loop band, but it didn’t seem like that was possible at the demo. David said he thought the weight issues were overblown but only after admitting he uses the dual loop band. The solo knit band looks really cool and is a textile wonder, but this seems like a miss from Apple… I also am not convinced the fit I had was ideal - would like to try other cushions/light seals as well.
  • Eye fatigue is a concern. I wore my contacts and did the regular lenses, but I think the corrective lens inserts might be a better option for most people.
  • I still wish that this platform was as open as the Mac is. I don’t care for Apple’s iOS/ipadOS walled garden. For $3500 I should be able to truly own my device, and that gives me major pause.

If Apple can get the weight down in future generations they have a real winner on their hands, but that is essential. I’m sitting out this generation, but definitely count me interested for the future.


I did not mean to suggest that. My apologies if it came across that way. I was, in good humor, trying to say I’d be shocked if they didn’t like it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, they like it. But their review is, IMO, very balanced.

This generation may be around for quite a while. I would be surprised if Apple made many/any changes to the hardware, and possibly the price, until it rolls out to other countries.

That’s OK, I’m not in a hurry.

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Chances of me ever buying another locked down device from apple are quite slim… Siracusa said it’s more crippled than an iPad for actually “doing stuff”

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I always assume that from David and Stephen, well maybe with the exception of Obsidian and OF. :joy:

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I respect Siracusa, and he might be right, but he also doesn’t own a AVP. Lots of hot takes out there from people who haven’t used it or just did a demo.

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I don’t know that someone has to own an AVP or even do a demo to be aware of the platform’s limitations and decide whether those limitations fit a person’s use preferences or needs. I wouldn’t have to own or demo an iPad to figure out it can’t do many things a Mac can do and choose to buy a Mac instead of an iPad.

In fact, at this point, a lack of ownership might be an advantage to help one be more objective regarding usefulness. I get the sense that many of the reviews from owners are very much affected by the sense of awe and newness of the platform and downplay the negatives. And perhaps a little rationalization justifying the cost. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great report, @dcchambers!

I’ll be a buyer when it’s 1/3 the size and weight with 3x the battery life. I figure that’s at least 5 years from now, but I’m hoping Apple will surprise us and bring this sooner. :pray:

As someone who owns one and has many hours of use, I can say you might get an idea in those 30 minutes as you sit there being told what to do by an expert, but you are still learning the ins and outs for the first few hours. It’s not like using an iPad that already operated just like your phone. I use it differently today then I did on 2/2. it took a long time just to get used to it.

Also worth pointing out that Casey, who does own one, strongly disagreed with John. And Marco, who does own one as well, agreed with John. Marco is like me though, not everything is sharp as other people say it is on theirs.

I think if you can get used to the Mac mode, you could use it to get a lot done.

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I just use my Mac to get a lot done while lying on a pile of 4000 $1 bills… :grinning:


It was a good episode and sounded balanced. I was disappointed, but not surprised by the developer story though, specifically around being able to use the Vision Pro to develop software. I’m not referring to being able to build visionOS apps specifically, though that is important. My interest is primarily in building server side software. For that, I’d need to be able to run compilers/interpreters and access a terminal. The iPadOS baseline of the device really makes that impossible.

It doesn’t mean it’s a bad device, just that it’s not going to be of any use to me for productivity.

Thankfully being in Canada means I’m not likely to be anywhere near an Apple Store for a demo to tempt me for quite a while. My money is safe for now!