734: I Got to Be the Hero

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Two anecdotal data points for monthly AppleCare+. I paid monthly on my iPhone 11 for four years, and got a repair done after 3 years. My girlfriend has paid for it on her iPhone SE 2nd generation for 3 years and two months, and just got a battery replacement.

So based on my experience, you can definitely pay longer than three years on an iPhone.


On the monthly AppleCare question: I have an 11” iPad Pro that I purchased in October of 2019 and I still have AppleCare+ on it. I think it’s one model older than current. It will be interesting to see what happens if/when they release a new one.

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Two more data points for AppleCare+. My iPhone 12 mini has been on a monthly plan for 3 years 3 months. Purchased November 2020. I just got the battery replaced for free. Yesterday.

My 2019 MacBook Pro purchased November 2019 has AppleCare+ renewing annually since Nov of 2022. It is scheduled to renew in Jan 2025. So, five years of coverage, and potentially 6 if I am able to renew in Jan 2025.


I finally listened to the last half of this episode and heard an unqualified and glowing endorsement of the SimpleScan app. Unfortunately, I found that in using the app the OCR was spotty, and did not OCR several sections on medical insurance reports. As a result, my Hazel rule would not work to move the file to the appropriate location. I’ve never had that happen in years of using the Scanner Pro app.

I contacted the developer about the issue and he responded he’s making some improvements to the OCR function that hopefully will make the OCR more consistent. They should be in the next update. We’ll see how it does. I’m holding off purchasing the app until I can verify the OCR is fixed.

I urge users to check their scanned documents to ensure that OCR works properly.


Not doubting you, but I just loaded up a couple of crumpled, faded, grocery store receipts I have taken in the last week with the app. It nailed every word.

The insurance reports were not crumpled or faded, and in several places the OCR failed on each. I used the word “spotty” intentionally. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. That’s great it worked for you, but my experience indicates that it doesn’t always work as it should.

Inconsistent OCR is not acceptable. It’s a nice-looking app and I do hope the developer is able to improve the reliability of the OCR.

I am not doubting you, I have had my fair share of inconsistent OCR over various apps. You urged users to check their scans for accuracy with this app, so I did. It’s been 100% accurate on everything, no matter if they were low light, fuzzy scans or picture perfect. I stand by my opinion that this is a great app for particular uses cases.

It’s not a “great app” if it doesn’t consistently perform one of its primary functions. Whether you’ve happily experienced 100% accuracy is irrelevant to the question of whether the OCR is inconsistent or not; all it takes are several verifiable examples where the app drops several sections of text to prove there’s a real problem with it.

I don’t know what OCR apps you’re referring to about having “inconsistent OCR,” but I’ve never experienced whole sections of texts dropped in any OCR app. That includes the Scanner Pro app I’ve used extensively for years, and DevonThink. I have experienced OCR over the years (particularly years ago) that mistransates a letter or two, but I’ve never had an OCR app like SimpleScan that drops multi-word sections of several sentences in one document. That’s unacceptable, and is not “great” by any definition.

It is very relevant. The app has been 100% for me and my experience with the app is just as relevant as yours. The podcast you mentioned had nothing but good things to say about it. Maybe you have something weird going on? I guess we need more input from other people, but we are having a very different experience with the app. It is a great app, it is very consistent for me. I am sorry it doesn’t work for you and hopefully the developer can make it better for you, but other people should give it a try if this fits their use case.

Fortunately, the developer, after seeing several examples of missed OCR, isn’t in denial about the app’s OCR problem and is working to improve it. I appreciate his attitude and hope the OCR function becomes consistently excellent. With that, it will be a great app.

LOL I am not in denial. I do not have issues with it. I have owned the app for 2 months. I have many, many scans with it. Everyone of them I have checked has been perfect (I assume it uses the same OCR as Drafts, which has also been perfect for me). The long thread we have on this forum, no one has posted this issue. The app has a 4.8 star rating, and none of the reviews mention it.

That said, It might be a major issue that people are suffering or don’t notice. Maybe it only happen under particular circumstances? All I am saying is I am not having that issue, and besides yourself, I have not seen anyone else report it, so it might be rare. We need more info than just our conflicting experiences.

I am not even saying your wrong, I am just saying it hasn’t been a problem for me, so others maybe shouldn’t overlook a good app because one person is having problems.

Well, if we’re collecting data points, SimpleScan’s definitely not as good at OCR as ABBYY. What I noticed were line breaks and skewed text causing issues.

(It’s not a big deal for me because I send SimpleScan straight to DTTG, which syncs to Mac which OCRs any blank PDFs with the ABBYY engine.)

I’m happy with the design of SimpleScan. I’d been hoping to move on from Scanner Pro for some time now to something like that so it was great luck that a respected developer was making it. I also annoy Greg with a bunch of feedback and feature requests. No conflict there.

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In version 2.01 of Simple Scan, the developer “Tightened up sizing of OCR text to prevent some cases where it could get clipped when drawing.”

I appreciate his acknowledgment of the problem and efforts to correct it. Hopefully this will eliminate the issues with OCR being inconsistent in the app.

Update 2024-04-11. Unfortunately, in scans I took on my iPhone 15 Pro Max and my iPad Pro, there continue to be issues with words and letters being cut from OCR on the right margin. The developer is aware and is continuing to work the issue.