A personal CRM - can't find a good solution

I’ve been looking for an app to store the people I want to keep in touch with, important information about them, reminders about key dates, a record of interactions, etc. It’s a CRM for my friends, family and professional network.

But I’m struggling to find a good app to help me.

  • Monica is trying to do this, but it’s clunky and you can only export to SQL.
  • Ryze gets very mixed reviews on the app store.
  • Garden is a newcomer, but you have to import all of your contacts.

There are lots of CRM tools, but these are overkill for a non-sales CRM. Any suggestion?

I know of someone who is working on something for exactly this - and the intention is that it can/will just read the contacts locally on your device. I’ll forward a link to this post to see if more information can be shared!


Thank you. I think it’s important to be able to choose which contacts are included - many people in my address book aren’t people I want/need to stay in touch with.

BusyContacts doesn’t advertise itself as a CRM, but it has features that can be helpful for tracking interactions. It integrates with Mail, Calendar, Messages, Reminders, Twitter and automatically shows interactions with the selected contact in those media.


Notion.so might be an interesting option. Again, not a CRM but very flexible.

This is looking promising, thanks!

Indeed BusyContacts + BusyCall can fullfill 90% of your needs.

Next step is Daylite!


Isn’t BusyContacts Mac only app (couldn’t find an iOS app in the Apple App Store)?

Currently using Daylite - I think there is free option with certain restrictions.

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BusyContacts looks interesting, but, IMO, a high price ($50) for a personal CRM.

Yes - 100 contact limit on the free plan.

It may be overkill for your needs but I use Odoo for this purpose. It’s open source so free to install, has great event management and is feature rich. It is designed for more than just personal use through, I use it for both personal and professional contacts.

Ah if thats to expensive I suggest to keep notes in Contacts… Or use pen and paper.

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First, I wasn’t the OP who made the request. I just gave an observation. Second, you’re a “MacExpert.” Surely you can give me more options than “Contacts… Or use pen and paper.”

Honestly I think the best option at this point is to create an active contacts group in Contacts and use the notes field, maybe with some text expansion for date stamps, links to emails etc. And reminders or your task manager when needed.

Cardhop on the Mac can facilitate quick access and hopefully will come out for iOS soon. But personal CRM is a surprisingly empty market niche.

To bad Apple discontinued Bento :cry:

NotionHQ has a demo on their web site to show you how to build a lightweight CRM.

Check Section 4 - Spreadsheets & Databses.

In that section, you can click on the Live Demo to play with it.

Lots of YouTube videos available. Here’s one I’ve been peeking at.

I’ve also been experimenting with Agenda to help me keep track of certain customers that I work heavily with. I like the mix of to-do’s, notes, and file attachments to create a running history for a customer. Certainly easier to track this in Agenda instead of my task manager.

Unless the free plan satisfies the data needed by @stevek, the minimum plan for Notion is $48 annual.

The “lightweight CRM” shown on Notion’s site is just a spreadsheet – would have to import the contact info or type it in. For free, the same thing can be done in Numbers – and available across all devices.

Maybe starting with a spreadsheet and waiting to see what @RosemaryOrchard’s acquaintance comes up with is a temporary strategy?

App Store search for “CRM” has other options not yet mentioned here.

Actually now that I’ve looked around a bit, it seems Contacts Journal CRM would suit your needs. It’s free to download and keep logs on up to 20 contacts and looks quite good. Notably it lets you import and sync selected contacts as needed.

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Have you looked at Cloze?

Hubspot has a free tier. It’s huge in the online business-CRM space so it should be around for a while.

Free(mium) options here.