ADHD Apps to use

I have ADHD , just interested if anyone else has it and if they use any special apps.

I saw this article, and was kinda shocked by some of the apps in the article. I don’t use due but am going to download it that seems pretty good.

Due is good. Though I’ve caught myself marking things as complete just to get it to shut up.
Omnifocus saves my bacon…often.
Asking Siri to remind me of things is great.
Freedom helps me to stay off social media when I need to focus. I think it was hobbled by Apple App Store rules last year, but Apple just reversed that decision.
Drafts is great to get stuff down, and turning the badge on ensures you’ll know you’ve got stuff in there to go back to.

OH! And Kindle with audible narration is a great way to read that engages all of your senses so it’s more difficult to drift off.


I second both of these.

I use a bullet journal. For me, OmniFocus, Things, Pagico, etc. take too much time, and I feel like I don’t have a good view of what’s going on, what’s slipping, etc. There are also infinite ways to tweak them, which means I feel like I’m working, but I’m not. Same with finding the ideal app. I’ve wasted tons of time trying to find something that would manage me. In the end, I have to manage myself. It’s not easy.

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Due seems good so far, and Drafts I have been using on and off for awhile but I need to use it much more, it’s very good and someone had a good idea to have the red badge on that helps out, I never used it on drafts before. I used so many reminders apps and now came back to the iOS reminders and due.

What’s the kindle app? Or is it a kindle from amazon?

I found it interesting that after reading a lot on ADHD , that people with ADHD have to do things a certain way, there own way and it may not seem as efficient but it works the best for them and they understand that way. I remember my wife was like it’s crazy how you do this it’s not efficient at all you don’t know where the stuff is. And I’m like it’s all right here and I had everything in order but it wasn’t the way she would’ve did it. … just felt like sharing that , some people just don’t understand people with ADHD.

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Kindle is Amazon’s book reader app. It’s also the name of their book reader devices.

I think using the term neurodiversity is a Good Thing™. As Wikipedia says:

The term emerged as a challenge to prevailing views that certain neurodevelopmental disorders are inherently pathological and instead adopts the social model of disability, which states that societal barriers are the main contributing factor that disables people.[4]

I have my own way of doing things too. Fortunately, my girlfriend understands that I don’t need to be fixed. I just do some things differently. Neurodiversity can be a great advantage, and some companies actively recruit neurally diverse people.

Of course life isn’t all green meadows and fluffy kittens. Whether neurotypical or neurodiverse, we all have challenges. Things that seem simple to one group, may be exceedingly difficult to the other. Continuing to learn about yourself (as it sounds like you’re doing) is the key to success.

Due is great, also BeFocusedPro s a pomodoro timer that syncs with Mac and iOS.

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