After my Apple Watch Series 1 stopped functioning Monday, I wanted to hold out before replacing it. I lasted less than 36 hours

I missed being able to get notifications with a silent phone, and the silent alarms that wake me up and remind me when it’s time to take my pills and such. I like to be able to see those notifications with a turn of my wrist.

I also missed the dead-simple Workouts app—the gamification features of the Workouts app get all the publicity, but I hate all that stuff. I’ve found–and love–that you can easily turn all that stuff OFF, and have the simplest, least-noisy workout-tracking app I’ve been able to find.

So now I’ve gone from the Series 1 to Series 7 in two days. What are the new capabilities of the Watch that I should take advantage of?

I’ve already found one: Siri voice dictation is so, so much better. It seems like it’s actually useful. Previously, Siri was so unreliable on the Watch I mostly just didn’t bother.



I rarely am separated from my Apple Watch 6. I even sleep with it -– the sleep tracking being so helpful. For “gamification” I have had a years-long competition with myself to close all the rings, especially workout and move, every day: I hit 1,500 days this week and I’m still counting :-). I love it that as I’ve upgraded Watches, the Health app has kept the data from upgrade to upgrade. Nothing keeps me going like that Watch -– even if it’s late at night and my rings aren’t closed I’ll do something not to miss the goals that day.

On top of that, Music (with AirPods), Reminders and Drafts sync, and many other useful widgets and apps have made the Watch probably my favorite computer.



Have you tried Drafts dictation on the Apple Watch? It is far superior to Siri - response is virtually instant.

Not yet—but after having heard David praise it, it’s high up on my list of things to do. Thanks!

I live with the Drafts complication on basically every watch face I can have it on. So. Very. Useful. for capturing all my random ideas and to-do items when I’m working or on the go. At the end of the day I make sure to go through Drafts on my Mac or iPhone to move items to Omnifocus.

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