RIP my Series 1 Apple Watch (I think)

It’s been in daily service six years. It’s been getting flaky for the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, I started wondering if it even made sense to wear it anymore—if it had become too unreliable to trust.

Late this morning, this:

I’m going to try a hard reset and bring it by the Apple Store to see if it can be repaired. But I am not optimistic.


Is this Watch dead or is there hope to revive it? I’m factory-resetting it now, and about to re-pair it.

Sure looks like a hardware failure to me.

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Apparently either broken screen or overheated.

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This is amazing that this watch is still working for you. My “series 0“ still works but I have not worn it in over a year. The battery just won’t make it through the end of the day. I have considered getting it repaired for the sake of nostalgia just to see how long it will last. I also have my iPhone 4s and it barely holds a charge as well. It was my first ever iPhone after the iPhone finally came to Verizon

It is kind of amazing that it still works—but also not amazing, because watches in general last a long time. A good Rolex can last for 50-100 years, and it has a million moving parts!

I’m enjoying seeing how long I can continue using the Watch. I’ll replace it eventually (If I decided to replace it at all—despite wearing it every day for six years, I’m not sure if I really need a Watch.)

And, yeah, the Watch doesn’t really hold a charge all day. So I just charge it in midday and the evening.

Time for a new watch Mitch!

Apple can repair it… but at $199US I believe most of us here would try and talk you out of that option.

My youngest son’s Series 1 just had a swollen battery that cracked the screen. No Quality Program for that model. He is now sporting a Series 7 and he was surprised how much he missed it after a week of not wearing it.

They’re heeeeere! (Someone will get that)

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Still wearing my S2… It’s battling to make a full day now, especially with a workout included — but honestly, this is to be expected.

It has lasted way longer than anticipated — and I am pleased that I managed to keep my promise to myself, of making this last longer than the 2/3 years I feared… Also offsets my experience with the 1st gen Airpods — which barely made 18 months, before losing charge/sound issues.

I was tempted to plunge on the S7 — but now, with a possible major release being hinted for the S8 in the not-too distant future, I’m already starting the “why not just wait a little bit longer” game… I suspect I will lose the latter: My birthday is in July. :sunglasses:

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Very respectfully, of course, but if you’re not sure you need the Watch, why bother replacing it with an Apple Watch?

The gamification of fitness with the Watch really works for me, but I wish I didn’t need that kind of thing in my life as a motivator, because I would prefer a mechanical watch (aesthetically). So if I were in your shoes, that would be the position I would take. I’m curious why you would not consider a different approach, if you don’t see a lot of value in the Watch?

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I like the notifications and timers on my wrist, and the built-in workouts app.


Fair enough! I love the workouts. I’ve gotten used to the rest.

I lasted less than 36 hours.