Agenda -- are you using it? How?

I’m interested Agenda users’ impressions of the app these days. I use time blocking to plan my activities, and use DropTask for that because it has very good two-way integration with Google Calendar – what I plan in DropTask shows up in BusyCal via the Google Cal sync, and what I schedule in Busy Cal shows up in DropTask.

In this mix, I find I need a good notetaker to flesh out the tasks that I’m planning with DropTask. Note taking is not a strong suite of DropTask. So I occasionally turn to Agenda to do that. I link notes in Agenda to the same tasks in Google Calendar that DropTask configured.

Seems like a good idea – but I have a nagging thought whenever I use Agenda for a few days that’s it’s just not a finished product. Maybe it’s just one-to-many apps to juggle.

Do you use Agenda? How?

I did use it. Initially, it seemed like a good fit, but the new wore off and it seemed a bit cumbersome. Maybe the “unfinished” feeling you spoke of. Markdown is nice, but you have to consider the whole package.

I’ve just switched to Things, and am coming up to speed. So far I like it, it seems polished and well thought out. It has places for notes throughout. Also calendar integration as well as reminders, and all the other features. I think it will be a good intermediate between the native apps and OmniFocus (overly complex for me).

My understanding is that MindNode can export to Things. Just getting started with MindNode too, so other people will know more about this.

I like the concept, but until you can throw files in there it is not going to work for me. For example, you get an email about a meeting in two weeks, with the agenda and attachments. You can set up an Agenda project and link it to the calendar item, but you can’t link all the supporting documents very easily at the moment, particularly if you use more than one device.


I attend lots of meetings and take detailed notes. So my use case for Agenda is to be the place where all the notes are stored and easily findable by date. It’s not my only storage method — I also maintain Google Sites for several of the projects which is used for publicly accessible meting notes. I love Agenda as a place where I can store all of my meeting minutes, sorted by date and by project. The accessibility from my calendar is a big win but I’d use it even without that functionality.

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Also, Siri knows about Things.

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