Airmail Subscription

After several years of bugs, now this, I’m done with Airmail. This is the wrong way to introduce a sub model, removing features we have paid for. I hope others let Airmail and  know this is wrong.


I let Airmail go many years ago… too many bugs and slow.


Ditto on airmail. My defaults are now Outlook for work and Spark for everything else.

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I’ve been using Airmail as a second email client on my work machine, so I can still check personal mail, but it’s kept separately from work email.

As soon as I saw today’s update, I installed Spark on all of my devices. This looks just as good with a cleaner interface. It doesn’t look like I’m losing any features either.

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I was a big fan of Airmail but in the last 6 months I contacted them several times about bugs, no response. I made the switch to Spark and never looked back. I was in more shock when I saw the update last night (I still have it in a folder in case they ever did a good update) Charging money for push notifications!? and multiple account support?! Ridiculous! Sounds like they can’t sustain and will be doing down soon.

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I saw this and updated one of my iPads to the new version. I have 5 email accounts in Airmail. So far – knock wood – it has only popped up demanding the $10/year ransom but I’m able to cancel out of that and continue working. Since I have other clients on other devices that access those accounts I decided to play chicken with Airmail and see how long it leaves me alone.

Then I’ll delete it. I agree – paying $10 a year for something I already paid for is nuts – plus demanding a subscription for something as plain vanilla as push notifications is lame.

I like Airmail and haven’t had too many problems with it. The few features that differentiate it from any other email app aren’t enough to keep me using it, though. I haven’t looked at Apple Mail in a while. It has gotten better than I remember and is perfectly fine for what I need.

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I contacted them multiple times. Twice I received a reply but it when I replied to give them more info, they went silent and of course, never fixed. Now I have noticed they removed read receipts on iOS. I haven’t found another app that has that feature but it’s been a year since I looked for alternatives.

Other email apps you can suggest, with security, eliminate most spam? thank you

Does anyone know if there are any other good email clients besides airmail and spark that has Things 3 integration on Mac and IOS?

Shame this is not available on iOS outlook as it’s otherwise great.

I’m not happy at all they have Done this considering I paid for the app and now there are choosing to remove existing features!

It wouldn’t be bad if they said “Hey! We’ve just released a new version with lots of new features but they are subscription only” (as I don’t feel entitled enough to expect indefinite free features) but it looks similar to blackmail “If you don’t subscribe we’ll take away what you bought”. This is borderline theft.

Do push notifications cost Developers money to maintain our is the push notification feature being removed purely out of spite? Also, if I never update the app can we avoid the subscription?


I bought the iOS version in January 2018, but caught so many bugs in the app I had to delete it from my devices. Anyway, there are lots of aggrieved (or at least volubly annoyed) users on the Airmail subreddit:

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Glad to hear I’m not the only one disappointed in the way this transition has been handled.

I’ve been using both the iOS and Mac versions exclusively for years. While I don’t begrudge them for moving to a new business model, removing multiple account support for existing customers (who paid for and rely on this feature) feels like an ultimatum.

That lack of choice feels bad.

I now feel bad…

…and not excited about getting my credit card out.


I was one of the original Airmail users, but after a couple of episodes of losing data I gave up on it. I haven’t seen this yet, but WOW! Talk about screwing the people that made it possible… Not cool

I have found Spark to be more reliable, although I liked some of the app connections found in Airmail. Spark’s subscription model (mainly for business users) makes a lot of sense, too.

I’ve been using Apple Mail for about a month. It’s really missing features, but I’m trying some plugins to see if they can help with that. The trouble is that I haven’t had time to figure out exactly everything those plugins can do.

Does anyone know if any of the previous MPU episodes dug into Mail plugins specifically? I remember Email episodes, but don’t remember if there was any in-depth discussion of plugin uses.

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It’s like the Airmail developers are living in the Bizzaro Universe. Usually, devs up their game and make their app a lot better before switching to a subscription model, however the Airmail devs have made their app worse for the past couple of years and then started asking for additional money. they are unresponsive to any requests to fix their URL schemes and no TextExpander support in iOS means it has overstayed its welcome. I deleted it yesterday. I am back on Dispatch even though its developer seems to have disappeared, it still works and has nice app integrations of Omnifocus and Fantastical. It has Textexpander Fill-In snippet support (which is critical for me).


Thoughts on Tutanota, Proton & Canary?

I haven’t tried any of those. Do any of them support TextExpander?

Same here, I’m looking for a replacement. Have played with Spark for a while but I never really liked their OmniFocus intégration which I found too fiddly (I like being able to get a link to an email). Currently playing with Newton which is much more capable than all of them but also more expensive (subscription). Spark will probably do for most users but if you’re looking for a powerhouse, Newton could appeal to you.

The main reason I still use Airmail on all my devices is the easy integration with Omnifocus. I put up with some sketchy syncing and crappy search. But this is now the final straw.

What email clients have a good simple integration with OF?