AirPods Pro use while running

I am an avid runner and have been for several years. I see a lot of product placement photos of people running with their AirPods. Does anyone here do that in their day to day life? I would be afraid of one falling out on the road.

I’d say it depends on how hot it is and how hot you get. The act of running has never caused my AirPods (and now AirPods Pro) to fall out. But,once I sweat hard enough, the can barely stay in. On really hot days, that can even be while walking.

This is my experience as well. On a hot humid day I stop half way and dry them and my ears off, reinsert and finish my run. I’ve never had them fall out.

People I run with don’t seem to have a problem with their AirPods. I can’t remember seeing one fall out, though I’ve heard from people who had it happen to them.

I didn’t want to take chances, so I got the PowerBeats Pro instead: it’s got Apple H1 chip in it, it has a solid 8-hr battery life, it’s sweat- and water-resistant, and earhooks means never having a second thought about losing one. I also prefer the sound from ear-canal units that form a seal; although you lose some traffic noise and so have to be more careful on the street you can play music and podcasts at a much lower volume.

Airpods Pro are more comfortable, however.

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I don’t find they stay in well enough for running. Between the motion and sweat, they become unseated. I use different BT headphones when I’m working out. My AirPods Pro are more for daily use type activities.

I’ve run with them ever since they were introduced. It’s funny, every once in a while one side would fall out when I first got them. Since then, they never fall out. Been a few years now since one has fallen out.

I run a fair bit (10Km, Mon-Fri), always outdoors, no matter the weather. with temperatures varying from 35C to -35C (the extremes are rare, but they do happen). I have gone through two pairs of regular Air Pods, both of which failed, likely due to sweat or rain/snow. I ran for over 3000Km with each pair and never once had a problem with them staying in my ears. I loved them.

After the second failure, I got some PowerBeats Pros. They’re okay, but I find that they don’t fit well and are uncomfortable.

In March I decided to buy a pair of Airpods Pro, and so far they are far and away the best of them all. Transparency mode is great, sound is good, and they have (so far) not given me any problems with water induced failure.

Having any of them fall out of my ears has been a non-issue for me.

I have ran many miles with airpods and never had them fall out (i killed several with my sweat though). I have also managed to keep them in while road biking. The air pods pro, however, pop out fairly quickly while running and from that point of view, are a big disappointment for me, Also just walking the dogs or talking with the pros in eventually wiggle them out - i never had that with the standard airpods.

I am happy with the pros sound quality but lack of comfort and in-ear stability make me think to give them to my son and switch back to standard pods.

I’ve never had an issue with them falling out, or failing due to humidity or heat.
(But where I live temperatures & humidity tend to be quite moderate)

I run once or twice a week for about 30 minutes to an hour and have never had them fall out or feel like they’ve come unseated

Run daily with them in, connected to my Apple Watch. Never had an issue no matter how humid. I did switch to a smaller time (medium in my case) which made them feel more secure.

I really love the feeling of freedom I get with them and the watch - they have made my runs that much more enjoyable. The music distracts me when I feel like I’m slogging along.

Run, bike, and workout with AirPods. My kids, as well. No popping out. We have not lost one, yet.

I have had it where the sweat (ear sweat, ewww) gets to where I cannot hear the AirPod . Rare and only at the end of a hard workout. Once I start to sweat I don’t touch them.

I use a walking machine and rower with them, they never fall out. I don’t take them on outdoor walks etc. though, not for fear of them falling out. I don’t use sound cancelling but I really value the Transparency Mode more than I could have imagined. I hardly ever used my amazing sound cancelling Boses. Mainly because I don’t like to be ‘isolated’: it is a consequence of how I live work. I certainly wouldn’t use sound cancellation on a walk or run or on a street etc…

It sounds like our training conditions and distances are very similar. I think I am going to try a track test, It is boring to run around in a circle, but, I think that if an AirPod fell out, the possibility of it surviving is much higher.

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I my AirPods Pro them to mow the lawn and they do an excellent job of knocking out the sound. I sweat a lot, and they don’t stay well in my ears. I have to wipe them cans my ears clean after a while.

For running I use Trekz Air. They’re bone induction, so they don’t cover your ears making them perfect for on the street or riding your bike.

You might try memory foam tips. I had a pair of sony wf-1000xm3 that kept on falling out with the plastic tips, so I switched them to foam and they stopped having that problem.

I run with them about 3-4 times a week. The hottest I’ve run in recently is 94 F. I can only think of one time where they fell out whey I was active. Luckily I was at home.You can also kind of feel when they’re getting a little loose. Funny thing is that that my original AirPods never fell out even though they felt less secure and felt like they were always going to fall out. My actual fear is forgetting to enable transparency mode and getting hit by a car.

I’m probably going to dig up my old AirPods and use those. They still hold a long enough charge for a run so might as well use them.

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I couldn’t get on with the normal AirPods, they kept falling out. The pro ones are great though. I regularly run 5-10 km and they are really good. I had to get the right sized ear tips, but that was easy to sort. Picture of my running buddie! image|690x459

This will depend on your ears, if the fit is right for you.

Myself, I apparently have quite non-standard ear canals. AirPods fall out if I barely move. As you have seen, for a lot of people, they have no issues at all.

I believe you simply need to test it out for yourself.

Went on an 11 mile run and I had to readjust the right one in about 4 times. I’m guessing it depends on how they fit you.