Alfred 5 - early access

For those interested, a new version of Alfred is in preparation. Not much info there yet.
The blog post does includes a link to indicate id you’re interested in early access:

Curious to see what will be new :crazy_face:


Sweet. Hoping for a rework of scripting paths in workflows!

This should be Raycast’s most useful feature to me. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I read through all of it and for me, this was the highlight / TLDR; for me:

  • Lots of Automation Tasks or pre-built features / actions. Seems like lots of features from Keyboard Maestro. Yay!! :heart:
  • Users can make our own and add to the Alfred managed repository. Again Yay!! :heart: :smile:
  • Improved Ubiquitous Search
  • Swift and Python 3 have been added to the available script selections (I mostly use JS but this makes sense)
  • Lot of geeky stuff related to triggers and variables
  • Modern UI (Although you could already customize it as you like, as mentioned in today’s pod.


Alfred's Automation Task object adds an ever-growing collection of configurable actions you can add to your workflows as building blocks, without having to think about the code behind it; From resizing images and moving files to getting the current Safari tab or switching to Dark Mode.

The Automation Task collection is aimed at both non-developers, and advanced workflow creators alike. We develop, maintain and enhance the repository of underlying actions, you simply add them to your workflow.


Oh and I forgot to mentioned this from Alfred team

We're planning an Alfred workflow gallery, to which creators will be able to contribute their own workflows. The project has been in the works for some time but, as a small team, we've prioritised getting a fantastic Alfred 5 release out first. Once Alfred 5 has launched and users are happily up and running with the new features, we'll be working on an official site for Alfred workflows, as a separate project to v5. Our aim is to create a safe and organised platform, which is easily searchable and browsable.


The early access & upgrade options are now available:

Upgraded to mega-supporter :smiley:

I’m now a Legendary Supporter apparently :rofl:

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Yup - just jumped to legendary too! Can’t wait to dig in.

Forgot about this topic (and search did not find it?!), so I already posted that here earlier today:

Maybe the mods want to merge/delete that?

Under the Automations → you can select Run Shortcuts → once placed in your workflow, double click, and a list of shortcuts is shown.