Alfred, My Favorite Productivity app on Mac!

Hi Friends,

I just created a course on using Alfred. I’d love to offer it to your for FREE.
My one request is that I would love for you to leave me a review of the course to help me promote it to others. Link expires in 3 days, but I can create a few coupons a month is people are interested.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks, have signed up - always been interested in it but its never really sunk in for me - hopefully your course changes that!

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Signed up to give it a try. If I try to get the course on the Udemy app it’s $10.99 but free via the web. Once bought for free on the web, it’s accessible in the app.

Thanks for the contribution to the MPU community! I will view the training then provide a review. I think training is a area that is overlooked even by software development companies. Good Luck on your endeavors

I will do the training and get a review up!
Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to help

Hmm interesting. the link in the forums is a coupon with a discount. Did you view the app with the coupon??? Not sure how that works.

I watched today. Great job. Very clear and well done. Perfect for my level. I know my way around the computer pretty well but have never used Alfred - so it was the perfect level for me.

Thanks !

Thank you. I love making the screencasts. If you havent yet, please leave a review on udemy so the course can be more discoverable. :slight_smile:

Thanks friends for checking the course out and for the great reviews.

Thanks, I’ve signed up for the course, Added it to my Udemy collection

Thankyou! This made it far more accessible for me. Thanks for all your hard work!

Finished the course. Very well done. Excellent sound quality and visuals. Pacing in some parts was a little fast but probably due to me never having used Alfred. Watching in one sitting the iSensei animation at the start of each section got old. Beautifully done animation though. Has me eager to give Alfred a try.

Great! Hope it helps you get into the app quickly. And thanks for the review. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Alfred for years and would be very interested in your course for some additional ideas and use cases. Is the link still live? I would be happy to go through the course and leave a through review.

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Hi. Here’s a new coupon for the next month. Please check out the course and if you can leave me a review. Thanks!


See latest post for a new link. :slight_smile:

I’m going to check it out too- thanks for sharing

When I click on the link it says $12.99 for the next 5 hours. That’s not free. Sorry man, there are too many free resources online to justify paying for a course like this. Besides, I bought an AppleScript course on Udemy once, and it was a disaster.

Sorry. Ill post a new link. The other one has expired.

Link to the course Free for our forum users. Udemy only allows me to post 3 day or 10 discount coupons so i have to keep adding new links for people who come to the course later.