All Good Things


Best wishes on your next adventure Katie! Like many here, I was a Mac Roundtable Podcast listener and followed you to MPU for episode one. I’ve listened to your and David’s advice and banter, spent more money than a normal person should on Apple tech and software, and looked forward to each new episode as if it was catching up with those crazy cousins you don’t see very often but are still family.

Thank you for the decade-plus gift you’ve been in my tech life and for sharing so much with our (not so) little MPU family.

I wish you nothing but the best. LLAP!


I’ve only been listening to MPU for maybe a year or so… But your voice has become part of my weekly fixture… I wish you all the best in your offline life, if you’re bored and would like to come online again, you know where to find us!


Wishing you all the best for the future @katiefloyd.


Katie, we’re going to miss you. I loved your dry sisterly wit, and funny little jabs at David’s utter nerdness. It was a great quirky balance, the two of you. Don’t know how it’s going to work with two dudes doing the show, won’t feel like MPU. I could tell something was changing, no need to know what. But I hope you thrive and enjoy your next chapter. And I hope this new guy is fun, because somehow… you were. At least to me. And I mean that. Be well.


I admit it, I cried during Katie’s last episode. I haven’t spent as much time with Katie as David has, but I’ve listened to over 450 episodes. Katie, you’ve given us so much — your expertise, your time, your strong opinions. Thank you again.


Katie, you grounded this show so well and your common sensibilities will be greatly missed. There was something about the ineffable yin/yang dynamic between you and David that made MPU universally appealing and, along with the great content and guests, is likely why the show has been so successful. Thanks for the hundreds (thousands) of hours you gave to making an inspiring and informative show for us. I learned so much from you. I know it will be a great show going forward, but it won’t be the same. Live long and prosper.


A wonderful, heartfelt finale. The subtle wit and eloquence of Katie Floyd’s closing words, “It’s been a wild ride, and I think the sky’s the limit,” are rivaled only by the final words of Jean-Luc Picard who once said in closing, “five card stud, nothing wild, and the sky’s the limit.”

Possibly the best podcast reference of the year — thank you Katie.

I will miss Katie’s unique and engaging perspective but I can’t wait to see what Stephen and David have to offer next.


Good luck for the future @katiefloyd !!!


Dear @katiefloyd

Thank you, thank you!

You’ve been a constant in my life for your entire MPU run. I wish I’d commented more often in the past to let you know how many insights and laughs you’ve give me.

Good luck and thank you, for real.


Qapla Katie Floyd

You’ll be missed.


I really miss you already Katie. Things just aren’t the same


I discovered MPU in 2014 or so and listened regularly for several years. It was key in my professional development into my role of being the #2 tech person among non-techies in a non-profit which had recently become an all-Mac shop. Much of the appeal was the very practical focus. And the dynamic between Katie and David. But another big part was hearing a woman’s voice, and knowing there are other women out there like me–whose day job isn’t in tech but who know enough to do tech things well and be genuine resources.

My MPU listening faltered last year after my workplace transitioned to Windows :-(. But I missed y’all and still use Mac in my personal life, so I came back last week. What a shock to discover @katiefloyd had left! I immediately went looking for the episode announcing this, and the farewell episode. Blessings on whatever big new adventures you’re embarking on, and thank you so very much for all the commitment and passion and humor and expertise you’ve brought to MPU for so long.

I’m sure @ismh will be a great co-host, but I join my voice to those who hope to continue to hear women’s voices (yay Rose!) on MPU.