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I was discussing this with a middle-aged, white techie who lives in the Valley and he disagreed!




It’s nice to know the show will go on in name, but it is not going to be the same show without your voice. I fear David will be running “open loop” without you. Stephen is a great guy, but the old Katie and David balance cannot be replaced!


Don’t know of any, really. Most people don’t believe this is important, I suppose.


Of course there is absolutely a dearth of tech podcasts with women hosts, and there should be many more. But that doesn’t mean NONE exist. In about 2 minutes of search, I found one and it happens to be on Relay!

Also, long been in my overcast queue is Spark from CBC (Yay Canada!). While it is not a conversation show – it’s much more produced (it comes from Radio, after all) – it is hosted by Nora Young who is no dummy and presents great content on many dimensions of technology.

Let’s also not forget the importance of other voices such as voices of people who live with various disabilities and impairments, different gender identifications and sexual orientations, different racialized individuals, and different ages! Diversity in tech and tech media has a long way to go, but there are indeed a few non-white male podcasters out there doing great work. On Relay alone, if we step a bit outside of the Mac world: (two women talking about being a being non-male in tech) (co-hosted by a woman) (disability and accessibility in tech) (hosted by two women)

I’m sure if I put another five minutes into searching, I’d have even more to add. And of course Relay is not the only Podcast network out there, and there are plenty of indy podcasts to explore too. So diverse tech podcasts exist, not nearly enough of them, but they exist!

EDIT: A Few more: (more directly tech-oriented, co-hosted by a woman) (weekdaily radio-originating tech podcast hosted by a woman)


Thanks Katie for all the work you put into MPU. I enjoyed listening and will miss hearing you! Good luck to you!


Best of wishes @katiefloyd. The podcast will never be the same, I am sure it will continue to be a good show, but not the same.



Katie - I will truly miss hearing you on the show, and I wish you all the best for the future! I discovered the podcast in 2013 and began listening regularly. It was fun to start from the beginning and work forward. I thought ‘who would have thought I would listen to two lawyers talk about Mac topics for a couple of hours a week?’. And yet it is always informative and entertaining, and you give such a good balance to David’s views. Again, all the best and you will be greatly missed! Thanks for the memories. Tim


Having only been listening to MPU for 18 months/2 years I am even now deeply saddened you are leaving as if I’d been listening for the 9 years. You are both a dream setup and work so well with @MacSparky! Good luck in all that you do and hope we get the opportunity to follow your future work.


Congratulations to @katiefloyd on your acceptance to Starfleet Academy! Your MPU listeners back here on Earth will miss you!


I’ve been enjoying your technical expertise, rapport with MacSparkey, humor and honest opinions for years. I feel like I’m losing a good friend. Thank you for all your hard work and essential contributions. I hope we will continue to hear from you and about you in the future.


Sad news for us, I heard it on the podcast only this morning. What makes MPU great for me is the rapport between the two of you.

Good luck with all that happens in the future and thanks for all the great episodes.


Um, how about Automators, co-hosted by our own Rose Orchard?


Best wishes to you many have said said already Monday commutes will just not be the same without you but happy to know your are starting new adventures. Hope to see all the great things you do through socials and hopefully this great community.


Thank you so much for your insights and ideas over the years! Best of luck going forward.


Honestly haven’t ever heard it, but I’ll be sure to try for the holidays. I think part of my New Years tidy-up this year should include a podcast audit. I’ve pretty much been on an automatic diet of mpu, atp, and talk show. I really ought to see if I can find something different to enjoy. Everything gets stale after a while.


You will be missed @katiefloyd. Hopefully you’ll be active here and keep in touch!
I wish you the best in your new endeavors!


The sense of sadness and loss is pervasive ever since you made the announcement and I miss you already, @katiefloyd. MPU has been a constant in my life so much so that I don’t even remember when I first started listening. Some point near the beginning, I’m sure. Loading the podcast weekly in iTunes onto my ipod shuffle so I could listen while running. . . .

Your offline life is taking flight. I get that. And you can’t take us with you. I get that. MPU will not be the same without you. Like changing a recipe by substituting one ingredient for another, MPU becomes something else when you are not a part of it. May as well call it by another name.

Soar high and free but don’t forget us, @katiefloyd, for we will remember. . . I will remember. . . you and pray for God’s blessing on @katiefloyd


@katiefloyd, I will miss you on Monday mornings, and will miss the Scully voice of reason that kept a sensible foot on the brake when Mulder McSparky went on a purchasing spree. You have been a part of all our lives for so long and it’s all too easy for people to take things for granted when we enjoy and rely on them. While I was initially stunned to hear that you were leaving MPU I recognized that sometimes our lives change in ways that force us to make hard choices. I wish you the very best for your future and thank you for all that you have done and shared for this community. Live long and prosper!


This is a joke, right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I even left automators out of my list above because I figured any MPU listener would be aware of it!