All Good Things


Nope. This won’t do! There’s already been too much hype for episode #500! @katiefloyd will have to return for the anniversary episode!


I’m sure that Steven Hackett will be great, but I immediately thought about this diminishment of female voices in the tech space. One of the reasons I am so delighted by The Automators is because of Rosemary Orchard, to balance David out. Hopefully they’ll continue to have lots of guests who identify as female.


Absolutely. This remains a priority for us, as well as Jason on Download, Dan on Clockwise as well as Myke and I when thinking about Relay FM on the whole.


Really sad news to see you leave, Katie. Your sparring with David when he went a little too much into fanboy mode was the highlight of many a MPU podcast. Wish you all the best in your future career and hope to benefit from your contributions in other arenas like Screencasts Online.


I got so used to hear you voice opening the Podcast every monday that it’s going feel strange and sad. Besides, the usual talk about tech in every show you have a very special comprehensive approach to formulate relevant ideas. I wish you well in your next endeavors and expect to hear from you about your new tech approaches.
Ray Rubin


Thanks for all of your hard work and practical Mac advice. You will be missed. Good luck moving forward.


Thanks for everything, @katiefloyd! Wishing you all the best with whatever comes next for you.


I will miss hearing your voice. I was thinking just the other day that it feels like listening to a couple of old friends when I listen to MPU. Like others I also will miss a female voice on the show although I’ll certainly keep listening and I’m sure you have passed it in to someone who will do it well.
But does he like Star Trek? And hate emojis??? These things are crucial.
Glad you are choosing what is good for you, go well.


Yea, I was wondering the same. I know he is interested in space exploration, but is he a Star Trek or Star Wars fan?


An occasional, but fairly regular, look-in like this would be fantastic, but I fear Katie may not have the time - nor, perhaps, even a real inclination - if her joke came back to her as a serious proposal from David.


I really hope you are not hopping back and forth in time trying to prevent some catastrophy caused by the Mac Power Users podcast😄.
Thanks for all the great shows and live long and prosper🖖🏻!


Very sad to read this news. But good luck for your new ventures. On the plus side I’m about 60 episodes behind. So I’ll be able to listen to you until around 2020. All the best


@katiefloyd thanks for all you have given the MPU community over the past nine years. Really enjoyed your input over all this time and wish you all the best in your next great adventure.


Thanks Katie for your many years on MPU. I’ve always enjoyed listening to you both for your general perspective on technology and for your informed and practical counterpoint to David’s at times unbridled enthusiasm for new Apple tech. It was nice to know that when I was doing eye rolls at, say, the latest advances in emojis, that I wasn’t the only one. It was also kind of cool that I got to listen to a weekly podcast hosted by someone with the same last name.

You’ll be missed. Best on your new adventures.


Thanks for a great 9 years as co-host and co-creator of MPU! I will miss “our” weekly talks. :). I wish you much success in your offline career and hope you will return at least as a periodic guest to keep us updated on your next chapter in life.


I will sorely miss you, Miss Kate for you and David were the first podcast I ever listened to. While I am sure you are going onto wonderful new things, I can only hope we will hear from you once in awhile. Best of luck to you and yours.


Long time listener, first time poster. I created an account here to specifically comment about the loss of Katie’s voice. Her life has changed and it’s time for her to move on and I respect that.

MPU was one of the first podcasts I listened to that had a woman as a host and the terrific balance it brought to the show will be missed. Hearing someone “like me” talking about tech with enthusiasm and passion has meant to very much to me over the years.

One of the reasons I think this show is such a success is that it had both men and women talking about tech. With Katie being replaced by a man and I mean no offence to Stephen Hackett it sends a strong message to other women.

To me, the key to the show was always the balance of views. Men, women, Star Trek, Star Wars! I wish the show all the best, but as it becomes yet another podcast of two men talking about tech I do not know if I will keep listening. :frowning:


Hearing women represented in tech podcasts is so important. I will greatly miss Katie’s contribution.

If you find a Mac tech podcast with two women hosts - or even a balanced show, @machei, please let me know! Diversity in voices is a beautiful thing.


My wife and I were discussing this last night - that podcasts need to be more diverse, not less.


@katiefloyd You and David were one of the first podcasts I ever listened to. I have heard every episode. I am quite certain you haven’t come to this decision easily. Thank you for the commitment of your time and insights. I am sure none of the listeners understand how much it takes to put out such a great show. You will be missed. MPU although will go on, it will never be the same. Best of luck as you begin your next stage.