All Good Things


Pretty big shoes to fill after you @katiefloyd & you will absolutely be missed.
The MPU show was the first tech show I stumbled upon years ago, and by far my favorite - because of you & @MacSparky & and your “ping pong” way of shootin’ the $hit over the whole Apple’ish sphere.

I’ve had a great time listening to you & David when going to/from work, picking up my kid after school, etc.

Good luck in your endeavors to come & thank you for all you’ve done for both the show as well as this community :blush:


Best of luck @katiefloyd! Thanks so much for so many great episodes.


I will miss hearing you every week and learning from you. MacPowerUsers helped me when I switched from a PC to a MacBook Pro and I have listened ever since.

Good luck and hopefully we will hear from you every once in awhile.



Thanks for everything @katiefloyd, so sad that we can’t tune in to hear you somewhere else but hope the future brings everything you wish for and more.


Yeah, got to admit, I feel the same. How many two-guys-talking-about-Apple podcasts are there, and how will they really differentiate themselves? I guess time will tell. I mean, I do hope it works out, but I think that for me personally, the great differentiator will be gone, and therefore a lot of the reason I listen. :man_shrugging:

Open to being pleasantly surprised.

Brilliant tech idea: two-women-talking-about-Apple podcast. Insta-hit! :joy:


I think MPU has always been fairly different from most Apple podcasts because it focuses on how to use the devices and software to get stuff done, rather than the latest Apple news/rumors. Don’t get me wrong, I like Upgrade/Connected/ATP, but MPU occupies a very different space than they do.


Point taken, and there’s truth to it. I’m only speaking for myself. Even in as much as the format of the show handles things like workflows and software differently that straight Apple rumours or company stuff, it was still a welcome and very different perspective having a different voice. I feel like the Apple echo chamber by way of podcasting is becoming ever more homogenous. It could just be me; I’m sorry I don’t mean to rain on the parade–I’ll stop talking.


Hope we hear from you on the show again Katie, as a ‘guest’ or whatever. Be well and really, thanks, you had a big effect on the life of me and my wife Meg, she says all the best to you too.


Our plan is to continue on this path. It’s a fair concern but one we are very aware of!


I, too, have no concerns about MPU becoming another Upgrade/ATP/Connected.

In fact, one of the biggest and clearest strengths that Stephen brings to the proverbial table is that he is a Mac user, so I look forward to hearing him talk about how he uses his Macs (plural… oh so very plural) in a different way than he does on Connected because that’s really not what Connected is about (except this week’s excellent episode about the new Mac mini).

People don’t turn to MPU for weekly reporting/thoughts about the latest Apple-related news. They come to hear how people are using their Apple-related hardware & software to actually do stuff. I have no doubt that will continue. It’s the biggest differentiator MPU has, and David and Stephen are certainly smart enough to recognize the value in that.

Katie herself said she couldn’t think of anyone better than Stephen to step in as the new co-host, and, having thought about this for several days now, I still completely agree. Unless Stephen has an equally Macnerdy sister that he’s been keeping a secret :wink:


While I’m sure I will continue to enjoy MPU as a unique and enthralling show, I will sorely miss hearing Katie’s voice, her unique angle, and her wit. I would like to second a proposal that Katie herself jokingly made — a podcast of her and David’s geeky conversations! Maybe 30-60 minutes a month, no lengthy prep. Just an mpu+ style chat about what new and geeky things they have been up to this month. Here’s hoping :slight_smile: After all, all good things, must come to an end — but there are still the movies.


@katiefloyd your voice will be sorely missed on MPU, the Floyd/Sparks duo has entertained me for many years. Thank you so much for your work, and best wishes for your future endeavours.



Thanks for all the great shows, very sad to see you go. Good luck with all your future plans. xxx


@katiefloyd - Thank you Katie for many years of advice, help and entertainment - I wish you much success and abundance in your new endeavor!


Katie, thank you for all you have done on MPU, and best wishes for your next endeavours.


Katie!!! Oh my, I just listened to the show… I’ve been a little behind on checking in here. This is bitter sweet… I am so very excited for you to start a new chapter but I will also miss you dearly. I love the banter between you and David… I can practically hear your eyes roll when David talks about Memoji!! Cracks me up every time! :rofl:

You will be missed but I am happy you have exciting things ahead. :heart:


This is true, and I hope David and Steven keep this distinction in mind. Going forward. It is what makes MPU unique.


Good to know, Steve-o! Can I call you Steve-o?


Thank you Katy, it’s been a lot of fun. MPU is at its best when it feels like three friends getting together, the two of you and the listener - and I think you and David managed to pull that off. I also appreciate the straight to the point suggestions and explanations of how to do something; much as I love computers I really don’t have time to experiment with everything and yours and David’s guidance and clear recommendations hit the nail on the head. You both clearly do a lot of work each week to make the show run as well as it does.

I have to say I was shocked when I listened to the show this week. I hope your new path brings you great happiness. Come and tell us all about it if and when you want to.

I’m sure David and Stephen have great plans for the show and I look forward to hearing them both behind the mic. We also have Automators with David and Rose which is really hitting its stride.

If I could make a suggestion, some time down the road whenever I can imagine MPU working very well with 3 hosts and I hope David and Stephen consider that as a possibility if time, circumstances and your preferences line up in the future. I also think a brief slot on the MPU+ shows about ‘What Katy has on her mind’ would probably fit really well with whatever format David and Stephen have in mind and wouldn’t need the many hours of prep.

Anyway, thank you again
Mark Field


Thanks for all you’ve brought to the show, @katiefloyd! Mac Power Users was one of the first podcasts I listened to on a regular basis, so you and @MacSparky kind of feel like old friends to me at this point.

We’re all excited for you to explore the new life opportunities presented to you and wish you only the best. Thank you for your years of service to :green_apple: nerds around the world!

Here’s hoping you’ll pop in at MPU now and again when you have the time.