All Good Things


Thanks Stephen. You know your stuff and in my book you’re a great podcaster. Pretty sure you’ll be successful at MPU :muscle:


Like everyone else, I’ll miss you @katiefloyd and wish you luck in your future endeavors!


Katie, thank you so much for everything you have shared with us over these years. You’ve kept David in check and given us a truly valuable resource in the Mac Power Users. I’ve personally used your AppleScripts for mounting my Drobo shares and have loved listening to your point of view on so many topics. God bless you in all that you do and I hope that your future endeavors are truly rewarding.

James R.


Katie, I’ve only been listening to MPU for about 4 years – I wish I had known about it before that – but really appreciate what you have done. I have really enjoyed your practical approach toward the MAC, and work, and technology and have learned a lot. Thanks for all of that and good luck with whatever is next!


I will miss you Katie Floyd. :cry:

I am also excited to see you living your life and moving on to wonderful things ahead!


Sad to see you go, you were one of the first female tech podcasters I ever listened too, and it made me feel better about being a girl nerd! Thanks for all the work you did the past 9 years!


Everyone else has said everything there is to say… but still wanted to say thank you and all the best and :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:



When I was a kid growing up in suburban Toronto, the family across the road pulled up stakes, sold a lot of their stuff and moved across the continent to California (of all places!). As kids we were sad, we couldn’t understand why anyone would want to leave our happy little neighbourhood and why our friends wouldn’t be around to play anymore. We had a street party for their departure and wished them very well in their new ventures. New people moved into their house, we soon got to know the new neighbours and the kids all played together. Aside from the obvious metaphor, I should also tell you the family that moved from suburban Toronto to sunny California - their last name was Doohan. Yup, our former neighbour became the engineer aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701). @katiefloyd - may your bold new endeavours be as rewarding. @ismh - welcome to the neighbourhood, let’s play.



Thank you for your time and contributions to MPU. I discovered the podcast two years ago and appreciated them very much. Thanks for your insights and keeping David in balance. It has been a valuable source for me to gain knowledge. All the best for you.


I have enjoyed listening to this podcast from day one and I will miss listening to you. Thank you very much for your hard work all these years, your enthusiasm and your commitment. I have learnt a lot (and bought lots of things… some of which I still use). Thanks for all your caring and your great advice. It was sad to read this news; I thought you guys were still planning episode 500…

Wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours. Kind regards, Patricio.

Pd: I’ll tell my wife you are leaving the podcast. She is neither a geek, nor a nerd (nor a poweruser) and does not listen to this podcast “willingly”. Nevertheless, she (and my kids) know you almost as well as I do after listening to David and you for hours on end on most of our long car trips!


Every success and happiness as you walk your new path!


Live long, and prosper Katie. MPU will not be the same without you. K’plah!


April fools in November?

Just kidding. Congratulations - especially on the big meat-space exciting life changes. You’ve been a great voice on MPU and I’ve valued hearing your perspective for the last 7-8 years (I’ve not been around all 9).

Good luck in all the directions you’ll be taking your energy and talent!


Best of luck Katie! We will miss you! I hope that whatever is going in your personal life bears great fruit. Please promise us you will come back as a guest from time to time. Hopefully Mr. Hackett can find a way to keep Macsparky under control!


Hi Katie,

Not sure what all I can add to more than 300 who’ve commented so far! … That alone is a testament to how many lives you’ve touched, the talent you brought to the show, and how much we all have appreciated your contributions to the show. I for one appreciated how well you kept things on track, ensured points were thoroughly explained, etc.

I don’t know how either of you have put so much time into the show so far – What a super effort!

Thank you for all you’ve done! – All the best in the new things to come!!

Good luck to Stephen!



Katie, I was heartbroken to hear you were leaving and literally pulled the car over in shock during the episode! You and David have been part of my world since the beginning of the show and after so many years it honestly feels like losing a friendship.

Good luck in all you do and thank you for your perspective, professionalism, and hard work over all of these years!



Katie, I wish you all the best and every happiness for your future, but at a personal level, I feel I am losing a friend. I have listened to you and David for most of those nine years and in a strange one-sided way, as these things must be, I will miss you. I have enjoyed your banter, wisdom and humour, both you and David bring out the best (in podcasting) in each other. Thank you-you will be missed.


Thank you for leaving such a positive impact on so many people’s lives. Your contributions with @MacSparky to help build this amazing community and such a wealth of information in the podcasts is a truly impressive accomplishment. Much respect and appreciation. :blush:


Katie, long term listener here. Just wanted to wish you the best with the new chapter in your life.


You’ll be missed, Katie - many thanks for being the accompaniment, in my case, to so many dog-walks :slight_smile:.

All the best for the future!