All Good Things


To clarify - I’m purely lamenting the choice. Mostly the gender choice… I would have much preferred a female voice - I believe that made the dynamics of the podcast sing. Now if they’d announced Allison Sheridan I would have been very happy. It’s not, and hey, fortunately she has her own podcast which I’ll listen to more frequently now I have more time - all good.


Thank you @katiefloyd for all the great work you have done, I’m sad to see you go :’(
Wish you all the best in your “real life”!


Thanks Katie, MPU was the first podcast I started listening to when I switched over to the Mac. Learned much from you and David.

As a fellow Star Trek fan I say, live long and prosper…


Hey @katiefloyd
Congrats on the wonderful changes coming your way.

I started listening to MPU about four years ago after some weird guy named @MacSparky guested on the B2W podcast ( I’ve seldom missed an episode since. I feel that I’m a more productive human thanks to the insights you and David have provided over the years (although with a smaller bank account).

I’ve also greatly valued the relationship between the two of you. Although it’s been a hectic few years in the country I found that listening to your banter was comfort food to me as it was free of politics (which I was getting my fill of practically everywhere else).

Selfishly, I hope you pop up on MPU occasionally and perhaps come back to join us geeks online.


I will truly miss the banter and give and take between you two. Living in California I spend many hours each week in a car. Your podcast has made it endurable. Good Luck and best wishes. Les


My underground commute on Mondays/Tuesdays will now change forever - no Katie Floyd in the earpods.
However, it makes me happy to hear that you made this decision because you have other great things going on in your life.

I have listened to you and David all episodes ever since #50.
Thanks for all these years of expert Mac talk and just wonderful podcasting.



SO sad to hear this news but wish you all the best.

I do lament the loss of a woman talking about tech. Having been in the business for nearly 40 years it was so refreshing to have a woman talking tech stuff. I will miss that a lot.


Thanks for everything you have done for this community Katie. I have always enjoyed the unique style and banter you two have developed over the years. Best wishes and don’t be a stranger.


Thank you Katie for informing and entertaining us in equal measure down the years.

Will miss your common sense and practical advice plus the interplay with David.

Hope you will be offering a masterclass to Stephen before you go in the art of expressing wordless disdain for the multi pad lifestyle and all things Memoji !

Best wishes for your future offline life.

Second star to the right and straight on till morning…


Wholeheartedly agree.

I like @ismh, don’t get me wrong, but the dynamic won’t be the same when MPU becomes two men talking about tech - like 90% of tech podcasts.


David and Katie did a great job keeping up one of my favourite podcast. Thanks @katiefloyd and all the best!

Echoeing some voices here, I do like Stephen’s podcast style and I’m a regular listener of Query, Connected, etc… but I’m a bit concerned that opinions will crossover more often than not and move listeners away.

Anyway, let’s see how it goes. I’m really looking forward to hearing the new episodes with Stephen & David.


Thank you so much, @katiefloyd. I have found Mac Power Users to be such a friendly, engaging, informative space and I appreciate everything you have done to make it that way. I will miss hearing your voice and your perspective! Best of luck in all your new adventures.


I was very sad to hear about your departure @katiefloyd. MPU was the very first podcast I ever subscribed too. I have learned much from the show and I loved the conversations between you and David. Good luck in all of your future endeavors and hope you visit us again after a long and very deserved break!



Thanks for your great advice over the years and your remarkable dedication to this podcast, and I wish you the very best in pursuing the things you are freeing yourself to do.

– mike


I think this is a fair concern, and one I am very aware of. I think Myke does a great job of this between Upgrade, Connected, etc., and I’m sure we can do it here too.


I just heard the news of this as I listened to Mac Power Users this morning. What will we ever do without the dynamic duo of David and Katie Floyd? Who will temper David’s bias toward Star Wars with balance from Star Trek? We will miss you Katie Floyd. Keep your friends close and your Batleth closer. Qapla’


I’m so sad to hear this news Katie. As many have said before I’ve always enjoyed your moderation of David and your insight. Good luck for your future.


Katie: Happy for you, sad for us. I have so enjoyed you on MPU every week. I have learned so much!! Thank you for your wisdom, knowledge, and encouragement in everything Mac and more importantly in life. You are special to all of us. God bless and God speed.

Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again.

— Jean-Luc Picard


Sad news to read - I wish you all the best in the offline world, @katiefloyd. Be sure to send prank faxes to the new co-host. :wink:


Thank you, Katie. It’s been a wonderful thing to have you for so long doing this. I appreciate every one of the +450 episodes. Enjoy what comes next.