All Good Things


Absolutely – @katiefloyd’s voice has been refreshing and not in lockstep with the Apple commentariat. Thank you for that, Katie. I hope MPU continues to be something different, with a diverse set of points of view.


Best of luck, you will be missed.


Thank you Katie, for being the Klingon half of MPU. I got hooked on podcasts because of MPU, and I’ve learned so much and grown as a result of listening. I wish you well, and I’m sure exciting times are coming your way- do update us! And welcome to Stephen


Katie, thank you very much for all the years of great podcasts. You have been a terrific counterpoint and co-host for David. I wish you all the best on your new endeavors. The fact that you have turned your departure from podcasting and online activities in another lesson and example for us is just so perfect. You have taught us all so well for so many years.

:vulcan_salute: May you live long and prosper.


Thank you, Katie, for all your amazing work. You’ve certainly made the podcast more entertaining and enjoyable and you’ll be sorely missed.

Good luck with all your future endeavours.


I learned about this through my RSS feed this a.m. and knew there would be more info here. So sad to hear about this but I get it. After many years of listening, I do feel know you. I hope we’ll hear updates once in awhile.


Thank you so much for everything, Katie.


Bittersweet news and you will be missed as the counterpoint to David. Just one brief request: Please come back in 6 months for a “Katie Floyd Workflow” so we can get an update on your new life!


@katiefloyd as a listener from day 1, thank you for your time, expertise and commitment.


I found MPU through an IFTTT rule (fitting, huh?). It was the first podcast I ever listened to and what introduced me to this medium. I haven’t missed an episode since (about 2014) and didn’t realize at the time how deep this rabbit hole went :slight_smile:

Good luck @katiefloyd.

PS: If there is a 500th episode meetup, you should consider coming!


@nlavitt Perhaps there is a nicer way to say that…or just leave that part out about Stephen? He’s a regular here on the forums, so there may be better ways to approach your feedback?

I respect your preferences, of course.


Thank you @katiefloyd for all these years. I wish you all the best! :vulcan_salute:


Thank you for all you have accomplished with MPU over the years. I wish you nothing but the best in your new endeavors.

Live Long and Prosper…


Thank you for all you’ve done, and congratulations on having new things in your life. It takes wisdom and courage to move on to something new.

That said … dang! I’m going to miss you and the viewpoints you brought to the podcast. Like using outlines instead of mind maps, Like All Right Thinking People Do :slight_smile:


Such is life that paths inevitably diverge. This thread should give you @katiefloyd an indication of how many lives you’ve positively touched.

I add my voice to the many well wishers, and thank you for all that you’ve done.

Best of luck with your future endeavors!


Definitely sad to hear the news that you’re leaving and stepping away from online life — but I understand and wanted to thank you for all the time, work and fun you’ve shared with us all. Best of luck with everything!!!


I’m sorry to see you go and have enjoyed listening to and reading your work over the years. Much luck with your future endeavors!


Sorry to see you go Katie. I like David very much and appreciate his views but he seems to like almost every single thing Apple does and your occasional “push-back” was refreshing. You always seemed more like the typical “average user.”

Best of luck to you!


You will be greatly missed. One of the enjoyable aspects of the program is the interplay between you and David. I am grateful for all that you have shared and wish you exciting journeys as you enter this new phase of life. You have left a heritage that I’m sure David and Stephen will continue with enthusiasm.


Nicely said Ticino - my sentiments as well! I will also miss Katie’s precise use of the English language and her disdain for the frivolous. So glad the reasons for moving on are good ones and I hope she graces us with an occasional guest appearance.

Thank you for everything you done for the MPU community, Katie!