All Good Things


@katiefloyd, thanks for all the years of help you have given the MPU community. I am a relative newcomer and have enjoyed very much listening to you and David every week. I am happy that you have exciting things to occupy your attention. Since I joined relatively recently, I still have hundreds of back episodes that I am working my way through, so you will still be offering me insights for quite a while to come.

Thanks again so much for a wonderful show. May things turn out spectacularly for you and your family.


This is sad but understandable. Thank you for the insight and wisdom over the years. I have been a listener for a bit over three years.

Thank you and best wishes, @katiefloyd.


Good luck @katiefloyd! You were a great counter balance to David and your voice will be missed. I know the future is great for you and I think you have helped open up the doors for nerdy women to be themselves.


Although it doesn’t really come as a surprise, I’m sad to hear that you’re leaving MPU. The podcast won’t be the same without you, @katiefloyd.

Good luck. May the force be with you.


@katiefloyd you will be missed. Valeris’ statement to Spock echoes how we feel about you. You can be succeeded but not replaced.

VALERIS: But is this logical? Surely we must…
SPOCK: Logic, logic, logic …Logic is the beginning of wisdom, Valeris, not the end. …This will be my final voyage on board this vessel as a member of her crew. Nature abhors a vacuum. I intend you to replace me.
VALERIS: I could only succeed you, sir.


@katiefloyd Thanks for the many hours of creation you gave to all of us — your effort was always appreciated. Best of luck in your next phase!

@ismh Great news, sir — looking forward to the spin you bring to the show!


Thanks for all the great episodes, Katie. You will be missed!


Oh, Katie! I feel as though I’m losing a friend. You’ve been such a big part of my life for so many years.

It is important to hear voices of both men and women. One of the reasons why I support the Six Colors podcasts, in addition to supporting MPU, is because Jason is great about bringing diverse voices. It’s good for so many reasons, and not least because the sound of the voices is different. it’s not that I am unwelcoming to Steven. But please don’t underestimate the magic of men and women talking about tech.

Katie, I will miss you, and I wish you the best in all your future endeavors.



Thank you so much for all you have done for this community of listeners. You will be missed. Warmest of regards to you and best wishes going forward.


Oh wow, this was certainly not the news I expected when I decided a few minutes ago to just check what‘s new in the forum.

Thank you, Katie for all your great work, for surprising David with the news of tribbles and for making it possible for me and many others to learn so much!

I’m deeply thankful and wish you all the best!



Like most, really mixed emotions.

You will be sorely missed, but I think I’ll buy some more Apple stock as David and Stephen will have no one stopping them from purchasing even more Apple stuff and accessories!

Best of luck with your next steps in your journey!


“The days are long, but the years are short.”

Every minute counts. Best wishes as you start a new chapter.

  • Wayne


Thank you for all the time you have put into MPU, all the eyes rolling and all the “judgmental” comments. We will definitely miss you. Good luck for the future!


Although I’m a recent MPU listener, I’ve come to feel that David and Katie are a regular part of my life now. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for us Katie, you’ve helped so many people in many ways. MPU just won’t be the same without you.

Best wishes on your new direction, and hopefully you’ll pop in occasionally to say hi.

Take Care

PS The rapport between you and David, whether agreeing or disagreeing is part of what gives the podcast its charm. This will be missed as well.



May your move bring joy and satisfaction.


Thank you Katie. Excelsior!


All the best in 2019 and beyond. But I will miss hearing you and your wonderful ideas. Along with the teasing of David. You are terrific. Thanks for the tremendous number of shows. Unbelievable!


Thank you for all that you have shared with this community @katiefloyd you will be missed.

The internet tells me that Klingons don’t use the phrase “thank you,” so-- Qapla’!


I’ll miss the two-lawyers dynamic, and I hope Stephen Hackett is just as much of a compulsive HomePod buyer! Best wishes on the next things you do.


Many years ago, @katiefloyd had been doing a different podcast and I listened to that show for quite a long time. Then that podcast ceased to exist and along came the MPU podcast. I did not know about @MacSparky back then. What a long time it has been!

Podcasting is a special thing. After more than a decade, you get to learn a lot about a person without the host getting to learn anything about you. Still, it is quite personal. A podcast host is talking to “you” regularly. We only get to know the fun side of podcasting. We do not get to see the time commitment, we do not get to see how it is being constantly out there, being in some way a very public person.

It will be weird not to hear Katie talking to us as she has been doing for more then a decade if you combine all her podcasting endeavors.

I am happy for you to move on and I totally get your words about being uncomfortable to live so much of your life online and in some way in the public.

You will be truly missed and I wish you all the best for the things to come!