Alternatives to Devonthink

Devonthink is really great on the Mac. Not so much on iOS, and with the possible introduction of the subscription for iOS syncing maybe now is the time to look for a truly cross platform solution.

For me I want a storage place for my documents, must be end to end encrypted, and have the ability to be used for notes and reminders and tasks…and a bit of brainstorming…


I’m not sure there is a single app that fills all those needs – especially one that does reminders and tasks. Notebooks comes to mind – it does have a basic task list.

Keep IT

This thread focused on Keep It.

Use what you’ve got

If you want to give up DEVONthink to avoid a subscription, you’ll have to pay for the other two options mentioned above. Or you could achieve all your requirements with the kit you probably already have:

iCloud for file sync across devices.
Notes and Calendar and Reminders for the notes, reminders and tasks.
Brainstorming – not sure how you’ve defined that for yourself.


Been looking far and wide. Unless you’re willing to do file storage only and use some specific cloud provider or something like Cryptomator, I have seen no document manager that does E2EE.