Alternatives to Mailbutler and Sanebox?

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I used to use Mailbutler’s free plan which was usually sufficient for my needs. Unfortunately, they change there business model and don’t include a certain number of actions/month in their free plan. Their paid plans are not worth it to me (same goes for Sanebox). Any other competitors offering a free plan or something in the >5$ realm?

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Just following up on this question… I am not in the position at this time to play another $9 subscription just to track my emails, so if anyone has any recommendations/suggestions for either another application and/or a plug-in (say, for the new Microsoft Outlook) that would be grand!


There used to be something called MixMax that had - if memory serves - a reasonable entry plan. It was Gmail only though. Looks like they’re still around.

Otherwise Newton does email tracking too.

Which, then, begs the question… $50 a year for email? am I reading that right? Esp with all of the previous issues (Newton email app / service is being shut down)

Well, Superhuman is 20$ a month. :grin:

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