Newton email app / service is being shut down

The quest to find the ideal client begins again…


That’s a killer, as I love the fact it has read reports built in. Anyone else know of an app that includes those even for new users. I read that airmail only provides it for old users which I am but it doesn’t fill me with confidence that it will continue


I’m talking to one of the Airmail developers about this (as I’m a beta tester I’m in their Slack) and will report back :slight_smile:

Follow up: They’re going to look into it again, there’s a couple of things they need to think about but it’s on their consideration list :slight_smile:

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When you say they do you mean airmail ?

Yes, I just edited my post to clarify :slight_smile:

Personally I have no issues paying for that feature if there is a cost implication


Love Airmail, I left Newton a little over a year and half ago when they turned subscription. I have no problem paying for stuff if it’s essential to me, but Newton wasn’t. If it was cheaper, then maybe.

I always try new email clients regularly. I was down to just Spark or Airmail. In the end, Airmail won!

How to get on upcoming betas!!?

Nooo! This makes me so sad.

Love Airmail, per a great recommendation from Rosemary Orchard. :smile:

Ahh no, the best email app I have ever used :frowning:
Sadly it was before its time, only 40K subscribers isn’t enough

Just logged on to find others to console with I’m so shocked by this news …and I’m batting 0/2
Every email app i love has an issue :cold_sweat: first dispatch now netwon

…whats our contingency plan??? guess ill be testing airmal & spark out this month :face_with_head_bandage:

Sigh. Yep. I’ve already bought both in the past. Just a matter of deciding.

Anyone using MailMate? The promise of markdown is strong, but it looks so 90s.

@JohnAtl you can write markdown in airmail.

I do it all the time as the WYSIWYG composer is a bit fiddly with lists.

Anyone interested in what superhuman co is doing?

How is this email different or the same as say, Airmail? thank you

Have you got your invitation yet, I think it looks interesting?

I signed up, but have not received the invitation.

Thanks for the heads up, looks interesting, wonder what it will cost.

Yeah, I’m waiting on an invitation, too. If anyone is a member and wants to invite me, I won’t be upset :slight_smile:

Same here. It even has a look of Newton. KInda dancing on its grave…