Alternatives to MailTags

I use MailTags extensively to enable me to search and find emails associated with projects. I am awaiting an update to this to make this Mojave friendly and they are changing their model and making this a paid upgrade. Before I commit to the new paid upgrade (which does seem to hint at tags for mail on iOS which would be a big help) I was wondering if anyone would recommend alternatives?

In the thread MailTags Changes the program Mailmate was given as alternative that supported tagging.

Postbox based on Thunderbolt can use the Thunderbolt tags. The limitation is, I believe, five tags though. Gmail labels are also an alternative and would work on any device. :wink:

Personally, I go with MailMate as well.

Does anyone know if MailMate can read MailTags tags? I upgraded to Mojave and realised that I had a few dozen MailTags-tagged messages that I can’t easily identify. I’m not planning on upgrading MailTags and I’d prefer not to install the upgraded trial version.

Given this support note from MailMate, it does seem possible to use MailTags tags (at least of the old-version of Mailtags):