Alternatives to Obsidian for basic PKM (Craft? Ulysses?)

This looks very interesting. I understand that it’s purpose is portability and ease of use between Mac and iOS markdown applications. Can it support multiple Markdown documents within a single bundle? If not, the appeal to me diminishes. I can imagine it’s value as a “self-contained” collection of plaintext files and media.

:man_shrugging: I do not know for sure but it looks like there is only one plain text file allowed per textbundle.

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another option, the one I used, is to use Eaglefiler to index the Obsidian Vault. I mentioned in this post. Eaglefiler should be one of the most powerful search facilities

Yeah. I’m under the impression that it’s usefulness is restricted precisely to how it’s described on (sharing individual documents between sandboxed apps on Apple devices).

Would be interested to see it extended in an open format, cross-platform with multiple documents. But that would require a readdress of its intent. It’s an interesting format nonetheless.

A little more on the topic at hand:

I tried out Logseq yesterday in an effort to make sure I wasn’t missing something (I would love to have reference lists for each block in a file a la Roam or Logseq), and it was also not for me.

It’s a great outliner (that is obvious from the get-go), but if your goal is Markdown, it falls flat on its face when it comes to tasks and interoperability with other apps.

For Orgs mode fans, though, Logseq looks awesome!