Amazing Marvin todo-list and task manager

Continuing the discussion from Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020 Deals:

There was some interest on the other thread about Amazing Marvin, so I thought I’d start a new thread.

Perhaps most noteworthy is the founder’s continual offers of personal help for implementing your workflow. There is a library of videos that have been created in response to user requests for help.

I’m interested to hear anyone’s experience with AM.

Here’s a short overview video:


Just started playing with it. I love how modular it is, however I find most UI interactions need lots of clicks to get any input. This small, but constant friction might end up a dealbreaker (compared to how OmniFocus sings in that regard).

I’m trying not to like but it is so good!


I used Amazing Marvin in 2018 for a few months to get me unstuck. The big list of toggle-able strategies is absolutely brilliant. I spent a couple hours messing with it and found a combination of about a dozen strategies that worked well for me.

However, at the end of the day it’s still a web app, and not an overly efficient one. And it is much better at showing you one task you need to work on right now, and pushing you to do it, than it is at showing you the kinds of high precision lists you can quickly make in OF–like The Hit List, if you remember that Mac app.

I see no problem with maintaining multiple apps that do the same thing, so I’d encourage anyone to give it a try. Worst case, you’ll come away with a couple ideas to bring over to OF or Things.


I would agree with @cornchip on all counts. I wanted to really like AM, but the iOS app was not up to quality standard IMHO and I needed it to be. Siri integration wasn’t very strong and the setup was janky.

The devs are super involved and take feedback to heart. I also found my quest for “shiny things” took me on many a journey constantly fiddling with the interface because I could.

It’s a very strong app and I see how it can help lots of folks who are struggling with finding a system that works for them since you can literally make it your own.

It’s worth trying out, it just didn’t stick with me.

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There are a ton of keyboard shortcuts hidden away. Christina says their goal is to make it keyboard-navigable.
I just printed a three-page list.


It might be worth looking at again if you have the need.
I’m sure a lot has been added since 2018.
Christina or Mark or someone in the community might even help you set up something Hit List-like.


Technically The Hit List still exists, it’s still on sale. Not updated on iOS in two years though…

No iPad app…

And I still find many aspects of it way too clunky for my taste (I would love having time blocking baked in a to-do app, for instance, but the implementation lags too much behind what a simple calendar app can do).

Still, there’s a lot of good intent behind it, but I will stay with the polish of OmniFocus.

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I really, really tried to like it.
But web apps just don’t work.

Shame, as the concept is 5 stars!


Hm. I’ve never had any problems with web apps. Amazing Marvin works fine, Notion works fine, didn’t have any trouble with Roam, the MPU Discourse works fine. Apple, Microsoft, and Google all have office suites with web apps.

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Give me native any day! It’s funny, I’m not using any of this (forums I use as web sites, or with Fig).


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Three things I found: 1) Amazing Martin has an iOS (iPhone) app (an iPad App is in the roadmap); 2) Amazing Martin has a dedicated macOS app; 3) I am able to try out the app without paying anything. Hope this clarifies some points.

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The lack of iPad app (for now) is the show stopper for me. Other than that, it looks like a tremendously powerful and extremely flexible tool. The App simulators are rather disturbing in how good they are.

I’l take another look if/when the iPad app lands…which will then present a new challenge… my 6-monthly flip between OmniFocus and Things, will probably turn into a 4-monthly flip between three different apps !