Amphetamine was almost removed from the Mac App Store!

What is your stance on this decision?

Perhaps a decision by an overly enthusiastic Apple employee? Or a really stupid move by the company.

My Mac mini is an always on home server. Running Amphetamine constantly is the only way I can prevent it from going to sleep. It has always ignored the settings in Energy Saver.

If it’s good enough for U.S. Air Force pilots…


Like most of Apple’s decisions with the App Store, this was a stupid one.

Fortunately someone realized that before it went too far.


I use Amphetamine too, but an alternative is ‘caffeinate’ in Terminal. It prevents you Mac from sleeping.


Sure, but Amphetamine has a lot of additional features which I much prefer.


Agreed. Caffeinate is handy if you want your Mac to stay awake until a command finishes, then allow sleep. I’ve used it like

caffeinate matlab -r long_analysis.m

Nice tip! I have some long wget crawls that will benefit from this (and this will let me increase the pausing to decrease pressure on the hosts without having to babysit longer.)

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As a user, this is tiresome. Apple clearly needs procedures in place where apps that have been in the App Store for ages shouldn’t be removed so easily…

These stories are becoming so common. Apple threatens to remove the app. The developer goes public and Apple reverses the decision.


following this line of reasoning they should remove the :eggplant: emoji… :sweat:

Along with the :peach: emoji?

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People are not endangered by emojis or app names. Weird world view.

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Exactly what I was thinking!

People are not endangered by an app that keep your Mac awake too… as already stated by everybody else :sweat_smile:

we should not elect a private company as a judge of morality, imo

Edit: I misread some comments 🥸

Are children endangered by the name of the app?

Sorry I misread @Lars post :stuck_out_tongue: editing now

Cocaine snorting simulator for Android…

In the iOS App store, I can at least buy the “Drug Mafia Weed Pawn Shop” …

And no, it won’t lead people to addiction.

You can get Grand Theft Auto on the Mac App Store. So Apple is fine with drugs and violence, just not the name of an app.

So dumb.

I agree, but the regulatory environment currently is that societally we have decided to hold these companies responsible for enforcing moral behavior on their platform. As long as we are holding them responsible, we are going to get these sorts of weird decisions.

And let’s not even get into the general contents of the Apple Music catalog.

Although it’s not just Apple. I had a post on Facebook in an emergency preparedness group where I asked about a container for storing prescription medication. Facebook banned the post because they said I was seeking to buy drugs. It’s just getting ridiculous.