An interview with Ryan J. A. Murphy

Ryan is one of the most knowledgable and helpful people here on the forum.
You may have even used one of his Obsidian plugins, or run across his thought projects.

Here’s an interview with him demonstrating some of his wizardry.


Aw, thanks for the kind words!

(I apologize in advance to anyone looking for that Ryan Murphy or that Ryan Murphy…)

The demo that fails at the beginning, by the way, is detailed over here:


Well that was a treat. I’m finally learning to use DevonThink and now I’m excited about Obsidian. Recently I was reading something I had written long ago and it occurred to me that I would express it differently now. That is why the idea that a note is a representation of a thought, that it just informs us of what we were previously thinking, makes me pause and view note taking differently. Great interview. Thanks.


Thanks @ryanjamurphy, I rely enjoyed that. I’ve been using Obsidian for awhile now, but feel like I need to spend more time living with my notes and linking them together, doing the janitorial work as you so aptly phrased it. This interview gave me a lot of good ideas on how to make more out of my Obsidian vault.


Congrats and well done, @ryanjamurphy :heart: :slight_smile:

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