An Office Setup in Hamburg ;)


I forgot a very important companion I have with me when I am working from home - see the picture on the right hand side on the desk :wink:180812%20-%20SSch%20-%20%231961


@RosemaryOrchard - you’re gonna like this: that little lady on my desk is from Vienna :wink: I used to live in Vienna for quite some time and she was found my neighbour kids in a trash can in the 9. district where I lived by. For some reason the kids brought her to me and since then she is my companion, she moved with me several times and comes along my life.


Awww! There are lots of cats on my way to work here, though they all seem very pampered :slight_smile:


We all know cats belong between you and your keyboard… :slight_smile:


Well, they are no street cats in Vienna, as there in there cities - they are well pampered, of arrogant character (like the waiters in the coffeehouses) and treat humans with lack of interest :wink:


… you mean like this? IMG_3758


The tea is essential :heart_eyes: ! Kluntje?


Of course ! Sometimes even with Rum, rarely though :joy:


Wow, what a fantastic space. Inspires me to try and get mine fixed up better!


Hi Helge,
Hi @Sven,
Hi @krueschi,

vermutlich sind hier mehr als man denkt…Grüße aus Hannover!


Great setup. Love those wood floors also!


Very cool office - zen. Behind the cute cat is a very dated piece of hardware - what is it? It seems to have a 5 1/4 floppy?


Well spotted - it is a PC4i from NCR, dated 1985 with a 10MB HDD, 512KB RAM and (indeed) a 5 1/4 FDD.
The first computer I worked professionally on :wink: