An Office Setup in Hamburg ;)



this is my “office” set up - I have a lot of books around me, a little balcony in front (I live in the city center of Hamburg, Germany, close to the harbour) and I never work without my tea ;)

On my desk is an old late 2013 iMac, a new HomePod, a MacBook Pro 2017, an iPadPro 12,9Inch, a little charging Qi charging device from IKEA for my iPhone X and also a charger for my Apple Watch.
I use the HomePod for music (obviously) but also as a speaker system for phone conferences.

And I always have a little notebook for handwriting in front of me - this time the Midori travelers Notbook as I just returned from a trip (I travel around three weeks a month) and I am always making notes about my (mostly business) trips.

The desk is a milk glass desk I bought years ago from IKEA - I want to replace it with a standup desk but then, I think it fits so well the design :wink:

So what do you think?Working%20Environment


Beautiful and clean set up. :drooling_face:


Nice one. Think I know what your window is facing :wink:


I did not expect another Hamburg mate around here :wink:


Nicely done! Does having your computer screen to the side like that cause any neck or shoulder issues? I prefer that type of setup compared to the middle of the desk, but have some neck and shoulder issues from all the years of carrying around those 12-15 pound laptops years ago.


No, I like having an open space in front of me when I write, sketch and draft and once I work on a computer I turn with my chair to the side - so no neck issues whatsoever.


So are we the first 2 mates for a MUGHH - Mac user group Hamburg ? :slight_smile:


Offenbar - wo wohnst Du in Hamburg? Wenn Du den Blick aus dem Fenster erkennst, kennst Du Dich sehr gut aus :joy:


It looks like a really calm, peaceful work environment.


This looks brilliant and I would love to visit your beautiful city too.


If there weren‘t any phone, you’d be right :wink:


A very pleasant venue. Task lighting is just right. And the coffee (?) of course. Great ceiling height. Keep the desk – it’s made for this room. It would be difficult to leave this room! :sunny:


Love the beautiful tea pot, cup and saucer. Very elegant! What kind of tea are you drinking?


A very nice one. I think the milk glass is a brillant idea for the devices. Also situated in my favorite hometown, so count me in :smiley:


Could you replace just the legs with a motorized desk frame setup from Ikea or Uplift? Love the milk glass!


That is what I have been looking at for quite some time. But I cannot use in the glas and I am a bit afraid to simply lay them on the plates and not fix them on it. But yes, I would love to keep the glas and replace the legs with electric ones.


Please excuse the late response. But lately I see much of the city while „travelling“ to various clients.

BTW I find it a little bit disrespectful to change to German so I answer with the forum language. :slight_smile:


Hi Sven and Krueschi,

I am surprised to learn that other MPU listeners live in Hamburg. So it seems indeed as if we could open an “MPU Hamburg department”. Although I actually live in Schleswig Holstein it’s just 30 minutes away from Hamburg.


How does this work out for you? I assume the mic on the HomePod is really good. Are you connecting the calls via AirPlay from your iMac/MBP or some other way from iPhone?


I use the iPhone for that - simply go on Audio when the call has started and choose the HomePod and then it transfers the call to the HomePod.