Analog Notebook


I remember David Sparks several times talking about a paper notebook in landscape, which is using for planning the week and some other notes. I was looking through this forum and also on but cannot find the notebook, the company, etc. Does anybody remember or @MacSparky, can you please post a link :wink:

Thanks a lot!

It was the panobook!


Or, you can turn any reporter notebook of your choice sideways :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep. The Panobooks are very nice.

I bought one but it turned out to be much bigger than I expected, so I returned it.

Thank you - found it, ordered it :wink:

Agreed. I got excited about it, but now I have this expensive weirdly sized notebook that doesn’t fit anywhere. So it’s sitting on my shelf.

I use a variety of Rhodia pads and Kyokuto or Maruman notebooks by my desk. I have to use the more expensive paper because the fountain pen inks I use will feather, spread and bleed on cheap Mead notebook-style paper. (Or Post It Notes.) I mainly keep a lined, 80-sheet top-stapled, Rhodia #12 pad by the keyboard - it’s A5 size, which is 8x12cm, or 3.3x4.7in, and all the pages are perforated.

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Lately, I’m a big fan of the Baron Fig Confident (Large), dot grid of course. :slight_smile:

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A link for those who don’t want to google!

Those look really nice. I’m still using Leuchtturm A5 dot grid notebooks which seem similar.

I love Baron Fig as well, same notebook (even sprung for the leather cover which is very nice but a bit expensive). Baron also has a desk pad that I use and they have dot grid index cards! I looked all over for index cards with dot grid… Baron Fig was the only one I could find.

Rhodia has very good paper. But I prefer Apica notebooks. Leuchtturm is OK, not really good but bearable. My favitote is still Tomoe River, but those are not easy to find.

Tomoe River is outstanding paper but fountain pen ink dries very slowly on it, 20 seconds or more depending on the ink and nib size. I’m a lefty overwriter, so I need a pen/paper/ink combo that dries relatively quickly or it’s Smudge City. So I tend towards F nibs and Rhodia paper for the most part.

Doing a search for Tomoe River led me (back) to a favorite website, . Oh, don’t go there if you’re a pen or stationary geek like me; too tempting to order lots and lots of interesting things.

(no affiliation with jetpens)

I love jetpens. When I graduated undergrad, I gave $500 worth of pencils, refills, erasers, etc. from there as party favors. I especially like the Kuru Toga Roulette - quite possibly the best pencil in the world. Why? It rotates the lead as you write so that it doesn’t get that slanted part at the end that leads to breakage.


Learning to rotate, in your hand, the lead holder as you drafted was a right of passage in school.

And now you’re telling me our friends at jetpens will sell us a pencil that /does this for us/?

I feel another “down the rabbit hole of stationery goodies” spell coming on.

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Kuru Toga’s have been around for a while now :nerd_face:

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Yes, I learned about it maybe 12 years ago? CoolTools first wrote about it in 2008!

They have more than one version now, too.

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Jetpens is in the US, so shipping makes it too expensive. So, I order some Tomoe River directly from Japan once in a while (interestingly, cheaper shipping) or try to buy stuff there when I travel.