Another Brick in the WALLing

With Keep Productive’s latest video covering the updates in a software app called “Walling”
Walling YouTube Demo

I went onwards to explore this app some more and this app has now became the front-runner candidate running leaps and bounds ahead of MyMind
MyMind MPU Thread

In fact due to lack of search and no folder structure, MyMind was simply to serve as a quite capture for later processing.

I have been searching and searching for an app to provide a visual diagram of Tagging functions and this is something Walling can do although they call Tags Nodes.

Unfortunately, Walling has a completely new set of definitions to cover the same items:
Collection = Folder
Wall = A Folder one level underneath a Collection Folder
Brick = A Card within a Wall

What is nice is that you can group your Nodes (Tags) into Collections as well.

Then you can get a graphical view of these nodes with higher Qty. of Nodes being a larger circle.

Then you can double-click on any node in the graphical view and have that search be displayed in the Brick/Card view in the Wizard window showing all the cards with containing those nodes labeled with the name that was clicked on.

Bricks/Cards or Walls/Folders can be exported in:

I have used the Mac App and the Web App with IOS to be forthcoming soon.

So other than the new nomenclature, this app will solves a big piece of the puzzle that I was digging for.

So I need to run off and eat my meat :hamburger: so I can get my pudding :icecream: :smiley: