MyMind AI Browser Extension Hot off the Press

I have this perception that all this COVID-19 quarantine is accelerating the creative juices with Software Devs.

I put my name on the waiting list. It looks like a good candidate for 2nd Brain capture. It appears to use AI to automatically assign tags and facilitate searching such as colors and deep search

This looks similar to Pinterest with added capabilities.

Here are their policies
What should have never been lost is now yours again.
We promise:

⚘ No social features
⚘ No collaboration
⚘ No vanity metrics
⚘ No social pressure
⚘ No tracking
⚘ No ads
⚘ Always private

A short demo video from an earlier accessor
YouTube Demo Video

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It looks pretty cool, and like you said it is very Pinterest like. Did you see anything about being able to create separate work spaces or does everything just get dumped in one large “bucket”?

Ben it does not appear so. It looks like free trial is limited to 100 cards and then it is tied to your account. I will have to look further once I am granted access.

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looks cool, problem with these things always seems to be continuity.
How many paying customers do they need to keep going?

To use a cloud service like this, to replace Devonthink, I’m not sure I would trust it to still be there in a few years.

but: it looks impressive

I was thinking the same thing, and assumed with the endless quarantine there’s not much else to do so might as well write software.

Of course, it’s probably more about the revenue than anything.

Ok after nicely asking in MyMind’s Twitter feed I have been able to get access. So far so good. It is able to also capture videos from YouTube. Currently, it has this pricing.

Here is a screen shot that I have taken off an Amazon page

It automatically assigned all the tags except book_to_buy

Notice all the colors on the column on the left. They will show hex numbers if you hover the mouse pointer over them. This will be for future searching by colors.

So I had a chance to play around with MyMind and determine how it fit into my work flow of Researching on the web. I am putting in the same context as Drafts “Where Text Starts” >>>> “Where Bookmarks Start”

It is a one button capture system both in the desktop and mobile so this earns it the first step in my knowledge capturing system then when I have time I further process these captures into other systems such as MemEx, Milanote and Evernote. Evernote is still one of the best as it actually captures the web page and this is good with so many of my previous captures vanished off of the web.

MyMind captures a graphical image of the page along with a snippet of content then it attaches a bunch of tags using its AI.

All tags in the above capture was provided by MyMind so it also has the ability to read text in graphics of which I was testing.

I also planned to test the color searching ability but it appears this feature is not reliability working yet, I will discuss with developer.

So you are left with a page of captures with no sorting capability hence my choice to use it as a temporary capture.

Call me lazy, I mean productive but the ease of one-click capture can’t be underestimated, the same way Drafts is on my Home screen.

I am using Memex for great organization tools. I will add additional info in that MPU thread Memex

I put myself on that list after reading your post. I received the invitation yesterday evening.

They also have an iOS App now, but it seems to be iPhone only…

Yes Rob I think you are correct it is iPhone only. I would imagine that they will address the iPad in the future.

I am seeing a trend whereas the Software Development companies are also developing their user community earlier in the development cycle as they release MVP and get earlier user feedback.

I think this is a good thing as it allows the company to decrease the Time To Revenue and focus their team on prioritizing the items from beta testing feedback

I sent in communication to the MyMind support portal requesting an additional feature and pointing out the color issue as indicated in a previous post and received this nice communication back…

Hi David

Very nice to hear from you and thanks a lot for your feedback, very much appreciated!

  1. That is coming soon! One of our most requested features actually and we want it too, so you can just search by a date, a week or month.

  2. You’re right, I tested this myself. This should definitely work, and for some reason the AI skipped the red on this image here, which is very very strange. We’re going to look into it!

Thanks a lot

So having been using MyMind for several months now just paid for an annual subscription.

It is the fast thing around. Minimum of clicks to save items usually 1 click.

I take a lot of photos using my iphone then need to get them into my Windows computer. This is the best and fastest then just down load from Windows browser.

Airdrop to my mac never works reliable. Keep It is hit or miss. Email works but so much friction.

So like I use Drafts as where your text starts. I use MyMind to begin my graphics process and then put them other places later.

I now have it committed to muscle memory so it does not interrupt my flow during research or design.

Still weed out my huge herd of applications. Keep It is on death row and I doubt that I will Keep It.