Use case for mymind

I searched this forum, there has been only one discussion on mymind

I am interested to see after 2 years, there are more users of mymind and how they are using this app.

I guess two years ago, native app like Apple Notes were no way as good as they are now. Would Apple Notes already replace most of the functions of Mymind , may be the browser extension is the killer feature?

Not a user, but I’ve looked at it before. It fits in with where I think computing should take us and allow me to collect information without making impossible decisions about what might be useful to me in a year’s time, avoid the friction of filing, and use search instead. If Google can search the entire web in under a second, I should be able to reliably find information from the very small selection of content I’ve aggregated.

It’s probably ‘competing’ more directly with something like DevonThink or EagleFiler as a store for information, although neither truly offers AI enhanced searching.

My main problem with MyMind is the cost - $12pm if you want backup which, presumably I do - and the risk of all that functionality disappearing one day because, well, it still seems relatively obscure and my information is stored on their cloud.

I feel certain that I would regret dumping my mind into an Internet-mediated cloud.

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MyMind isn’t my main repository, but I really like the design, so I use it to noodle on some things. It’s one of those apps, for me, that gives you perspective that makes your use of other apps better.

Export format is a .csv with your links/notes/etc.

After you export some or all of your mind out of MyMind via CSV, what’s their retention policy?

20 days, after closing your account, not exporting.

totally agreed, that is what stopping me trialling it