Another Kindle Scribe Review

I received my new Kindle Scribe today and couldn’t be happier. For me the larger screen was the selling point. I like being Havel to hold the device with two hands comfortably.

My first test was to read an issue of Backwoods Home Magazine and seeing the full pages on the large screen made it that much more enjoyable to read. I’ve tried reading books on an iPad but that’s just not for me. I’ll take e-ink every time over a tablet.

Jotting down notes with the premium pen was smooth and not as bad as all the reviewers seemed to make it out to be, and you can share straight from your note to your email as a pdf simply.

The software is a little on the sluggish side but I can get over that. I’m not doing anything intense on it.

Overall the bigger screen is what the device is all about, and I’m already too deep in the Kindle ecosystem to switch to one of the other devices.

All in all I give it an 8/10. :+1:


I purchased one, along with some extra tips and the cover. The device came next day! The cover was slated for 9 February. I didn’t want to use it without a cover as it would be my note taker of choice and I wanted to protect it. So I returned it. The cover came 3 days later! :persevere: I am returning that today! I’d rather get them all together!

Glad to hear you are enjoying it though. Reviewers by definition need to provide Pros and Cons but general users don’t! If it gets the job done … :+1:

hi, both Bills, I want to get your views and others of course (and when @Bill_Aus starts using it) on how to compare reading Kindle books on say iPad mini 6 and taking notes with the Apple Pencil. At least with iPad Mini 6, I can read the Kindle megazine in colour.

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Coincidentally, I have a paperlike that needs to be applied to my iPad Mini as we speak. I’ll do that today and have a go with the pencil.

Does it have page turn buttons?
How easy is to to get your notes off the device?

No physical buttons.

Sharing is easy. There is a share button in your note that allows you to email or “quick send” to what I’m guessing is the email you are logged into for Amazon. It sends it as a pdf.

Looks like a nice device.
Will be interesting to hear how it’s going after a couple of weeks.

I’m really enjoying my Scribe as well. It’s been great for a general note taking device that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, it has basic functions and that’s what I like about it - no distractions. Sometimes simple is better. Oddly though, I don’t enjoy it as a general e-reader for books, but for newspapers and PDF files it’s really great.

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I had it since launch (a month now), I still love it.


I have a ridiculous question, but humour me (and the 10% of the world with the same question :joy:), can the device be flipped 180 degrees so the pencil is stored on the left, for left-handed people? All the product videos on Amazon’s website show the device in the right-handed orientation. But one of the good things about early kindles was that you could use the device with either hand easily and re-orientate the screen.

[I am restraining myself from a minor rant about right-handed bias and the failure of most tech giants - and in fact most designers in the world generally - to think about this.]

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Yes, you can flip the device 180 degrees, and it will automatically flip the screen. I have the pen stored with the cover at the top or bottom, and I prefer it to be at the top.

Sorry about the right-handed bias, I hope I answered your question.

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I’ve had the Scribe for the last month. I much prefer having more words per page. This is especially true for poetry and plays. I now prefer reading on the Scribe and will probably give away my Kindle Oasis and my Kindle Paperwhite.

The Scribe is also useful for editing manuscripts. I’ve been editing larger text segments that were written in Ulysses on a Mac. I have modified one of the style sheets in Ulysses to have a large font size, so that when the text is exported to the Scribe it is easy to read and mark up without having to zoom. When I’m done marking up the text, I send it back to the Mac to be placed next to the text in Ulysses. Here is a screen shot. This is an example only. I didn’t write this.


I’ve had the Scribe for a few weeks, and I’m loving it. I’m keeping my Paperwhite for recreational reading, but the Scribe is nice for extra screen real estate for work-related reading.

The note-taking feel is great. Getting notes off the device in useful format isn’t fantastic just yet; I eagerly await software improvements on that front — especially handwriting recognition.

One thing I’ve really been enjoying is doing the daily crossword puzzle on it. If anyone finds it useful, I put together a shortcut that sends the daily Wall Street Journal crossword to the device. (It will work most days. Once in a while a special puzzle doesn’t follow the standard URL pattern. On those days, it will fail.)


No truer words have been spoken about my personal experience with Shortcuts :smile:



All too true! Though in this case, it’s only fair to point out that the problem is on the WSJ’s end.

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I’m encouraged by all the positive Scribe reviews. I think these writeable e-ink pads are such a cool area of computing. Every company with an excuse should try to make one (cough cough :green_apple:.)


Scott McNulty reviews the Kindle Scribe (largely as an eReader).

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Scott McNulty: “I like big books, and I cannot lie.”

:rofl: :joy:

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iReader Pro Max Ultra?

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Bought a Scribe , used for few days and sold it.

Great ebook reader and hardware. But terrible software - notes taken doesn’t show in other devices, can’t annotate on actual book only PDF is ok, PDF links don’t work properly, browser is a joke - can’t even render pages properly, note taking tools are very very basic.

Really want to like Scribe for speed, beautiful screen & pen but software department totally let the device down. Not Amazon quality.

Should have googled for some in depth video reviews before buying.

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