Any negative experience with Fastmail?


I wonder, any negative experience with fastmail? Why should I choose hey for example instead of fastmail? Just doing some assessment.


Not in my past 18 years as a Fastmail subscriber.


Seven years with fast mail. They are top notch.


I tried Fastmail for a while and I reckon they are pretty good. But for me they failed because they’re not Gmail. There’s just something about the super snappy performance and maybe I prefer the Gmail UI a bit more. Also, labels. I know they’re non-standard but (don’t @ me) they are superior to folders.

Try out Protonmail! It has met my needs.

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None that I can remember. It’s been about 19 years.


The only disappointment that I can remember is that there initially was no search when they introduced calendars, but that has been fixed.

Great product/service!

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Was with them for five or six years and never had an issue. The webmail interface was far superior to Gmail’s and they never forced huge organisational changes on you, like categorising my mail into three separate inboxes.

And it works nicely with IMAP.

However, I left it purely as a cost cutting measure, and instead use the email service provided by my hosting firm, which works fairly well (that uses Roundcube as the webmail interface).

Moved from Gmail to Fastmail a while ago based on advice from this very forum; very happy with the service and the power features.


in my humble view, Fastmail is a no compromise email solution. works well everywhere.


none so far, the web interface, spam detection, customer service are great.
but I want to try moving to for my next period. My current use of Fastmail is custom domain and I hope by using Mailbox can cut the cost for for only ~30% of Fastmail’s.

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Thank you all for your feedback. It had help me a lot and I really was expecting issues here and there but seems that has been working for a lot of years even when I found them alike a year ago but never was considering moving my email full with them.

I like the simplicity of the UI and I am not a heavy email user but it really have what I am looking for.

Again, thank your for your feedbacks.

Completely satisfied Fastmail customer since 2017.

Happy customer since 2003 and just renewed another 3 years.

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Five years using fastmail. No regrets. :slight_smile:

(Note: I don’t even use for it. I like the web interface a lot.)


Agreed. I like Mail, but if it ever left me wanting, I would most likely turn to the web interface rather than trying to find a new client.

FastMail is a great drop-in replacement for Gmail. I use Hey, but it’s not because of any deficiency there.

I also only use the web interface, but “as an App”:

My only significant gripe is the lack of a native app. Fastmail’s web interface is nice, but a native app could be much more robust. For now, I use Fluid to make it pretend to be an app.

Edit: I should add that I am using Fastmail’s tags rather than folders. Fastmail’s workaround is to pretend a tags are folders, but no mail client understands how multiple tags apply to the same message, so Fastmail pushes out multiple copies, one for each tag.

Does it work with Apple native ?
Assuming its IMAP …