Any way to restore previous version of an iOS/Mac shortcut

Looks like a saved a shortcut, not realizing I had deleted an action with a regex pattern that took forever to hone. Now the change has propagated to all my devices, and I can’t find a way to restore the previous version.

Is all hope lost, or is there a way to retrieve an older version?


On a Mac maybe Time Machine has an older version?


Find the folder where your Shortcut was stored on a Mac and look for older versions in Time Machine.


Okay by where are shortcuts stored in the file system? I’m talking shortcuts as in Workflows created in the Shortcuts app, not an application link/shortcut. (God i wish Apple had stuck with Workflows and not switched terminology to something confusing and impossible to google for)

This guy says they are in a database in your ~/Library/Shortcuts folder and there are indeed SQLite files at that location.

See recommendations of tools from MPU forum members for peeking into SQL databases.