Anyone else using Tot (for iOS and Mac) and what are your thoughts?

The iconfactory recently released this note app for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. It uses iCloud to sync notes between all three.

Its USP is the fact that it only ever allows the user to have a maximum of 7 notes. The theory being it is a scratch pad for those occasional thoughts and ideas to be recorded, although I am also using a couple of the notes to store information I need frequently. Not very secure, I guess, but quick and convenient.

Just wondered if anyone else was using it and what you think?

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I’m using it. Nice free app. Great for quick notes while on the phone or to quickly jot down something temporary I might otherwise a Post It note for. The subtle background changes between notes is useful, and the app is attractive.

I have no need for the syncing $19.99 iOS complement app, but the Mac app earned a space on my already-full menubar.

Over the years I’ve used a ton of similar apps, but I prefer this to the two I’d paid for in the past: Sticky Notes ($4.99), a supercharged Stickies replacement, and FiveNotes ($4.99), to which it has a resemblance


I am using it and it has been a game changer for me. This is the first new app in years that has stuck in awhile. (The other is NetNewsWire.) Its constraints are a great feature. If Drafts is a 747, this is a glider. And that’s what makes it appealing. I have to empty it out, which I do so regularly and then file the notes either as files or into Apple Notes depending on the context. The interface is elegant, which I cant say for similar apps these days. In my dock on all devices. My only wish is that it had an Apple Watch app and better bulleting. The latter I think is coming. The former I can live without.


Very interesting. I think I need something like this.

Using it as well. I used to use Unclutter for the use case, but having this available on iOS is a big plus for me, and the app is (much more) beautiful.

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SwiftText is a very similar app, which I used for years, and advocated here a couple of times.

I have long considered this kind of pop-up scratchpad app to be absolutely essential, along with a clipboard manager. I’m pleased to see the rest of the Appleverse catching up with me.

Now I use the quick notes feature of Drafts for that kind of scratchpad capability.

I use Curiota for this, mainly, although it is probably on the outside edge of the Tot category.

I’ve had Tot in the menubar since Tot was released, and do not make much use of it. There’s no share extension – probably by design, but something I miss. I use the share sheet a lot on macOS.

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I just installed Tot and I see share functionality.

Should have been clearer. Tot supports share from Tot, but appears to not have an extension to share to Tot from other applications. E.g, share a snippet from Safari to Tot.

tw: subscription

I considered it, but think I’ll stick to Drafts. I just reupped my subscription for a year. The watch app is super helpful, and the sync across everything is really nice.

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You’re taxing my brain late in the day – what is “tw”?

tw: Trigger Warning
Also cw: Content Warning


Ah, so very … modern

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I used Curiota for around two years ago but dropped it for reasons I don’t remember any more. Last year I decided to consolidate my notes so I somewhat reluctantly dropped Google Keep in favor of Apple Notes, but that has been working out okay. Still, Tot is a nice quick scratchpad.

It does seem to have borrowed an idea or two from FiveNotes (Markdown, limited similarly-colored noted), but FN is more powerful.

For most people it isn’t worth the $4.99 though, so I imagine Tot will be quite popular.

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I’ve used SwiftText and Curiota as well, and am currently trying out Tot. One of the features present in SwiftText, that I wish Tot had, is the ability to float on top of everything else, even when it isn’t the active app.

Another app that works similar to these is Quick Draft, which is free on Mac and iOS, and syncs between them.

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I’m going to try to switch from my Sublime Text “Untitled Note”-heavy workflow to Tot, but I need a shortcut to both show and hide the window. Usually I use Alfred and simply make a hotkey with “Toggle visibility for apps” enabled, but it doesn’t work with Tot when it’s in menu bar mode - no idea why, Numi and other menu bar apps work fine this way.

Anyway, for now I’ve switched to Dock mode, but obviously this puts me in jeopardy of not being a TRUE scotsm… Mac Power User! Has anyone gotten this show/hide thing to work with Tot with Keyboard Maestro, or some other tool I’m unaware of?


You could record a shortcut in Tot’s prefs.

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Doesn’t hide it, just shows it. I need to hide it if it’s the active app/window. (Preferably app, works with window as well.)
It’s for making notes on the same screen as I have a full-screen webpage showing on.

Edit: I’ll give you a for instance - right now I have three screens. One shows a lab task for a course I’m taking on Google Cloud, one shows a Slack window I have to have showing because I’m monitoring something, and the third shows a Google Gloud lab instance for the lab task. Basically I’m reading off of one monitor, and working on the main monitor - mainly in the cloud shell which is a tiny window with an SSH connection to a Linux box. But I keep having to make notes of IP addresses and the like for use later, and I don’t want to use the mouse more than necessary, so I want to hit hyper± (for instance) to make tot show, then type the IP address, then hyper± again so it goes away, and then keep working like it never happened.
Obviously I can use alt-tab instead of hyper± both the first and second time, but for some reason this is “wrong” for me in the same way as storing a PDF file I’ve downloaded for printing outside of the Download folder.

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Pressing Esc hides it for me.

Edit: focus doesn’t go back to the previous application.

Edit2: same shortcut hides it too. i.e. toggles visibility

Edit3: using Drafts, focus is returned (actually never leaves) the front app when Drafts menubar window is closed.

Meh, Alfred + dock mode works better than any of those, I’m just trying to get from 99% to 100% :slight_smile: